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Three Large Autism Organizations---Why Vaccines/Immunology and Autism  are not looked into 
 There are three large autism research organizations in the US (NAAR,
CAN and the MIND Institute) and their scientific boards and/or people
in charge of them are hostile to funding any immunology research
regarding autism and vaccines. The following reasons will be
self-evident with the information below.
 1. NAAR
 Eric London is a parent in charge of NAAR. Eric London wrote his
 viewpoint on the issue of vaccines and autism and Laura Ruede
 did a brillant essay on why he was wrong.
 2. CAN
 Portia Iversen is a parent in charge of CAN. She believes that her son,
 Dov was affected adversely by the DPT vaccine but yet no funding of
 immunology projects. The scientific board of CAN is made up of Hilary
 Koprowski and Christopher Gillberg.
 See http://www.cureautismnow.org/aboutcan/sciboard.cfm
 Hilary Koprowski was involved with the development of the Oral Polio
 See http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/sts/bmartin/dissent/documents/AIDS/
 Christopher Gillberg has articles that say there is no connection to
 autism and the MMR vaccine. Alan Rees, a parent in Sweden, has reported
 that Christopher Gillberg told a group of parents in Sewden that he
has  not vaccinated his children.
 Alan Rees can be reached at rees@pp.sbbs.se
 3. MIND Institute
 The scientific board is made up of Peter Jensen of the NIH and Eric
 London of NAAR