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Subject: On Spraying Ohio Neighborhoods with poisons---Daniel H Duffy Sr


this letter is in response to the letter just below it. The subject is the spraying of Ohio neighborhoods with poisonous mosquito sprays - the ingredients of which have known effects on the human nervous system.


Dear Mel,

I will address your statements numerically, in the order in which they appeared in your message. I will ignore your opening question and save that answer for the end of my response.

Number one Mel, It's Doctor Duffy, Not Mister, (I am in my thirtieth year in practice as a family doctor of chiropractic and just in case you are unfamiliar with the qualifications of chiropractic physicians let me say that a DC studies the same basic science as the MD, and studies all the same clinical subjects - the major educational difference being that while the MD studies drugs and surgery - regardless of their chosen specialty - that is to say, while the MD studies disease EFFECTS called: symptoms and syndromes, and how to relieve those symptoms and syndromes; the DC is studying the nutrition and structure involved in the CAUSATION of those symptoms and syndromes - therefore I am qualified, both by training, and by law, not only to diagnose such syndromes and recommend appropriate therapies therefore, I am also qualified to discuss these issues in forensic fashion. Furthermore, Mel, and most importantly, I am qualified by EXPERIENCE and by a demonstrated ability to employ the use of COMMON SENSE, a quality that is uncommonly scarce and one example of which I will give below.

Number two, Mel, the AIDS virus has never been identified - if you have done so there is a whopping prize ready for you on one of the websites devoted to publishing the facts about the AIDS/HIV scam/myth. I suggest you begin with the virusmyth.com website, when you're done with that, visit the notmilk.com website and learn about one of the most common causes of infant and young childhood infections today.

Number three, MAD COW disease is caused by feeding animal protein to vegetarian animals and is NOT a transmissable disease. I won't even go into the 30 year incubation period, anyone who takes that for a fact has never really studied cause/effect relationships in diseases and probably needs a course in Logic 101. The stupid notion of a disease that takes thirty years does not lend itself to any form of reasonably intelligent discussion and only serves to demonstrate what people are willing to believe to support a failed theory. (the germ theory of disease, that is).

Number four, In the early 1900s the US Dept of Agriculture (et al) proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Hoof and Mouth was not an infectious disease, therefore could not be "tranmitted" and in fact, a lady veterinary researcher in England, just reconfirmed that (now) ancient evidence in the pages of the British Medical Journal (see Heptonstall's letters) where she described Hoof and Mouth as a simple cold that cows come down with, a "cold"  that clears up by itself and does no harm to milk or meat. Incidentally, that was reported in a London newspaper in 1929 and also was known as far away as India back in the early 1900s.

Number five, as to what you describe as nvCJD - that falls under the heading of myth, but in my opinion, would be more appropriately described as a scam. If you were up to snuff on your history, Mel, you would know about that - Creuztfield/Jacob was a phantom disease caused by a phantom agent that was never discovered - never demonstrated - reported by a fellow of highly questionable character - so if you're waiting for someone to "discover" anything related to that, you probably will be waiting for a very long time. You really should investigate the highly unusual and highly suspicious background of nvCJD, Mel - it's about as reliable as the present AIDS/HIV situation and is very clearly explained in the pages of Duesberg's book "Inventing  The Aids Virus". And don't present that tired argument about Duesberg, all of his predictions have been borne out and all the government medical quack predictions have failed, or haven't you noticed? And don't give me that "AIDS is on the increase mumbojumbo" The only increases in AIDS have come about by placing twenty-five old diseases under the heading of AIDS. I.e., the only increase in AIDS has been caused by manipulation of names and numbers by the tax supported white collar criminals at the NIH and CDC.

Number six, about the 14 year old you mention, I would be delighted to speak to the parents of that child, no doubt a malpractice suit would probably be forthcoming if they found out what really made the child sick. Infections in 14 year olds that I see are usually sugar-induced White Blood Cell inactivation that results in a sudden buildup of the bacteria usually found hanging around tonsils and other mucuous membrane areas, waiting for a chance to multiply. If those children were getting a lot of the "bad" animal protein like meat, fish, fowl and eggs, they would have a plentiful supply of IgA protecting their mucous membranes and wouldn't be "catching" those infections which, by the way , NEVER seem to be "caught" by the pediatricians and their helpers (chuckle) into whose faces these kids are perpetually saying "AHHHHHH!". By the way, the most effective preventive and cure of sore throats, tonsils, middle ear infections etc in kids is to take them off cow's milk or haven't you heard about that yet? I've been teaching my patients that since June of 1972, back when I opened my office - it was one of the first things I learned in Chiropractic college that challenged my belief system and guess what? the moment I took my three young children off milk it was Bye Bye the chronic ear nose and throat infections that had me completely puzzled at the time! And did you know Mel, (while we're on the subject) that NSAIDS can cause "meningitis"? I wonder if any of those Ohio kids recently reported as having meningitis were checked to see if they had taken some of their parents NSAIDS? Bet I could stir up a hornet's nest over that one!!!

Number seven, the 82,000 in Ireland are victims of modern medical quackery Mel, that's what happens when you inject poison into humans, especially if they are undernourished. Remember how the MDs almost wiped out the Australian Aborigine with the Polio vaccine? They killed "every other child" until someone found out about the effects of vitamin C and began to administer vitamin C to the Aborigine kids before they got their Polio shot. That put an end to the killing of Aborigine kids (fifty per cent of those injected) by the Polio vaccine. Just goes to show you the

protective power that nutrition has -  even against the wilful (and insane) injection of poison into the system. Those Irish people got sick because they are malnourished and were unable to cope with the injection of a poison directly injected into their systems.

Number eight, a vaccine for Alzheimer's? Since when is Alzheimer's an infectious disease? did I miss something here? Are we now going to start injecting humans with vaccines to prevent degenerative disease? - That's a novel idea!!! And while we're on the subject Mel, here's some inside scoop I've been predicting since I opened up in 1972. The Germ Theory, like socialism, has failed, so the group is now slowly transferring over into the new area of junk-science-driven quack medicine - GENE MANIPULATION - by the way, all that talk you hear about cloning? It's nonsense, micromanagement is not cloning. Nothing has been cloned. That's another misrepresentation of fact. Moving one part of a cell into another is not cloning, it's simply micromanagement and no cures of any diseases are going to come from that. No doubt we're going to learn more about the cell and cell mechanics, it won't be a complete loss, but heaven help those who are the guinea pigs for that type of research. Every single organism created by

those techniques have been found to be defective. Now animals succumb very quickly to environmental insult whereas humans withstand a lot of abuse before succumbing so don't forget to put that into your pipe before puffing on this!

Number nine, about mosquitoes. Killing mosquitos to prevent disease is like blowing into the wind and spitting into the rain, Mel. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if the mosquito transmission vector was a fact, how in the world, after all these years, are people still walking around the jungle areas where these mosquitos thrive? Would not, by now, all those people have been bitten, smitten and be dead and gone? Sooner or later Mel, everyone in mosquito country gets bitten by mosquitos - it's simply a statistical fact that everyone should have been wiped out a long time ago if that theory was true - there has to be SOME defect in that theory. The fact is Mel - that theory is about as true as, and was generated in exactly the same fashion as, the AIDS/HIV theory and thank God a lot of people were able to watch this last myth develop and grow. Those people are now in touch with the real world of medical propaganda and how it is conducted!!! And that serves as a warning to people who are serving in areas that are committing crimes against the public - the public is a lot more aware of what is going on these days and there are a lot of whackos out there ready to do violence at the drop of a hat. I for one, do not recommend, nor do I condone violence - but I certainly can see it coming. One of these days, something like this neighborhood spraying is going to trigger a spree of violence. People in white coats better run for cover if that happens, I'll be running myself. (I wouldn't want to be mistakenly identified as one of the bad guys!)

Anyone thinking that spraying neighborhoods where children play and people live is a good idea belong in jail, not in the health business and least of all in public office. Go talk to those people who already had their neighborhoods sprayed and see how they liked living with that sickening stench after everything got covered with a layer of bug spray and many were sickened, I just talked with a patient last night who recently moved from one of those sprayed areas - you should have listened to HER irate commentary - they can't get rid of the stench and it continues to make people sick. If I'm not mistaken those are oil based sprays - I used to drive like hell down in Florida whenever I saw one of those crackpot cropdusting spray planes headed my way. Florida was a testing ground for mosquito spray back in the forties and fifties and I, being a young inquistive lad investigated that quite thoroughly.

Number ten, about your "IF" proposition concerning the black widow spiders, I never heard of a house being "infected" with black widows, was that just a figure of speech? I guess that could happen although I never heard of such a thing - seems as though I learned that those critters were strictly solo practitioners but not being an "insectologist" I confess I would have to "look that one up." At any rate, in that regard, an example from my own history - I made it abundantly clear to my wife (who is a registered nurse) way back in the sixties, shortly after we were married, that if anyone ever sprayed a poison in my house, for any reason, I would be moving out of that house and would never return to live in it again. I recall on one occasion having to eject several fellows from my property way back in my military days (60s) - they were about to spray the area around my house for "bugs" and even wanted to spray inside my house. I told them to get lost - I didn't want my children crawling around on bug sprayed ground. It's no wonder we have increases in ALS and the other neurologically oriented degenerative diseases today. If you encounter a hefty dose of that stuff at the time you happen to be a bit vitamin C deficient or a bit malnourished, you are in big trouble Mel. That combination places you in the high risk category (by the way, I did four years of post grad work in neurology and EMG in case you doubt my qualifications in this area.) And one more good story in that vein, when I was even younger, during my military career, (age 18) I was instructed to put my hands and arms into a 50 gallon drum of carbon tetrachloride in order to clean the cosmolene off a supply of new rifles we were about to use to train some new recruits. I looked the situation over and respectfully refused to put my unprotected hands into the carbon tet or lean over the drum without proper breathing protection. Well, needless to say, that caused quite a stir but I had my way - I was promptly dispatched to other duties. About a year later the older Tech sargeant who did the work was carried off the island with breathing difficulties and transferred to a stateside hospital. He didn't live long after that. Now Mel, I was fairly lacking in knowledge in those days, but I never have been lacking in the ability to use common sense, given a set of circumstances to analyze. It is now known, of course, what the harmful effects of using carbon tet' is. And remember how they used to douse people with DDT? I guarantee you, they NEVER did that to me. I add this to this treatise to point out that you really don't need to be a rocket scientist to use rocket scientist logic.

Number eleven, about the "reports" from Ohio, NY and the Carolinas - I think the time has come to take the medical authorities to task on the infringement of our constitutional right to be free from the incitement to public panic promoted by government bureacracies. You know Mel, it IS against the law to incite public panic and that is EXACTLY what is going on here. We are constantly being threatened by government bureacracies under the control of political

medicine. These white collar criminals need to be singled out and brought to trial and made to answer for the federal crime of inciting public panic.

Number twelve, finally, Mel, do  you REALLY think that spraying our neighborhoods, where our children play, with a poison, will kill off the mosquitos? Have you really stopped, sat down, used a little common sense, thought this over?? Methinks not.

Finally, your question about the Red Cross "implementation of Leucodepletion". That is just another of the many gobbledegook, junk-science derived, worthless ideas, generated by people in white coats, living off taxpayer dollars, with nothing better to do than to try to generate such garbage to keep themselves in their high paying jobs. Do you REALLY think Mel, that these people are really looking for the cure of a disease? Any disease? Those people are simply going to work every day, drawing a salary, paying their bills, living the life in which they find themselves, concerned only with their next paycheck - mindlessly doing what they were taught to do by the mindless "uselful idiots" who taught them. For your information, the only cure of a degenerative disease ever established, has been by a vitamin, mineral, or essential food factor. No prescription drug has EVER cured a SINGLE degenerative disease. While antibiotics can kill bacteria in the body and have no doubt saved lives that would otherwise have been lost since the discovery of penicillin, this does not mean that the bacteria is the CAUSE of the "disease" being treated nor does it mean that antibiotics are the BEST way to handle the situation because Klenner (MD)demonstrated way back in the fifties (published hospital studies, Southern Medical J) that intravenous vitamin C in megadoses kills off ANY infection known to man (including tetanus -lockjaw) without ANY harmful side effects. What is being treated when an antibiotice is used Mel, is the SYMPTOM, not the disease, but that is another story for another day. To say that bacteria cause disease is like saying that the flies cause the manure pile and firemen cause house fires because each of the latter are found on the scene. Bacteria are EFFECTS Mel, not CAUSES. You need some work in basic logic and the causal chain. I would suggest you start with David Hume, the radical empiricist, and work your way up from there to gain a better understanding of the wonderful world in which you live, and while you're at it, a course in Logic 101. The world IS a wonderful place Mel, in spite of it being "infected" by useful idiots who propagate nonsense.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I would be happy to try to re-educate you on the facts

involved and try to deliver you from the effects of the propaganda to which you have been subjected all your life. I make the following promise to all readers....

If the state of Ohio is sprayed by poisons because of the medical quackery called West Nile Virus - two things will happen to prevent this unsolicited, uncalled for, mass-prescription type, misguided treatment program for an imagined and non-existent problem.

1. I will be energized into a state of activity that will continue until I take my last breath.

2. That activity will include the following:

    A. I will begin to deliver, to the citizens of Ohio, the facts concerning AIDS, West Nile

    Virus, vaccinations and the effects of the killer drugs now being advertised every hour

    on TV, radio and in all the slick magazines.This will be effected by a visit to every

    single county in the state of Ohio. I will make myself available to every single school in 

    Ohio to pass out information to every single school teacher informing them about the junk-        science based medicine to which they are regularly being subjected, will be given the                 names of the specific legislators supporting that junk science, so that they can make their         own judgements based upon FACT rather than medical/chemical propaganda.

    Wealthy people are standing in the wings ready to help financially support such a program.

    B. I will publicize case histories from my files, cases which are already signed and ready

    to go to press and have been released for public dissemination by the very patients who

    have suffered medical abuse of a very special type, this abuse is effected when a patient,

    suffering symptoms easily identified as being caused by their medication, receives another

    incorrect diagnosis and prescribed yet another drug which will, in turn, eventually produce a

    new set, or exaggerated set of present, symptoms. Approximately 80% of all the new patients

    I have examined in the last several months were suffering symptoms caused by medications,

    all had been to a second medical physician and all had been misdiagnosed and many had

    been place on MORE medication.

    C. I will personally attend to the district of every legislator who supports any type of

    neighborhood spraying with pesticides or any other poison, for whatever reason and

    will take every lawful action available to me to see that these people are never re-elected.

    D. I will pay special attention to the ghetto areas of Ohio in which live the people most

    susceptible and gullible to medical propagandists. What an awakening that will be!!!

    E. In short Mel, I will become a terminal thorn in the side of anyone involved in this travesty.

    I don't need to name the names of the individuals involved nor the specific government                 bureacracies BUT YOU CAN BE ASSURED THAT IF I AM GOADED INTO ACTION THOSE

    NAMES AND BUREACRACIES WILL BECOME AS FAMILIAR, ON THE LIPS OF OHIO             CITIZENS, AS THE LIPITOR COMMERCIALS. I am sure that those people know exactly who     they are, where they are, and how they can nip this thing in the bud. NO SPRAYING OF             OHIO WILL BE TOLERATED!

Dr Daniel H Duffy Sr.

Geneva, Ohio




Mr. Duffy, You do know why the Red Cross implimented leucodepletion in
the US Blood supplies don't you? It is because there were over 9000
people who contracted the Aids virus through contaminated blood
products. While the West Nile Virus has been studied, very little is
still known about its disease process. Or just what they are releasing?
As for Mad Cow/TSE/BSE/CJD, Some of the top scientists in the world are
now working on that. While they do know the incubation period can be
over 30 yr.s, tell that to the latest victims parents. A 14 yr. old
who's infection brings the total known victims to 102. So far. Please
hold that opinion until it is known whether the >82,000 children and
adults in Ireland contracted it from their Infected Polio vaccin from
the blood of one donor who died of nvCJD. Or at least until they have a
marketable blood test which I hoope they use this time. And for Foot and
Mouth, Yes they could have let those animals live- Only 2 reported human
deaths. But I do not know of anyone besides a starving Asian country
that wnated to take a chance on eating those infected animals. Hey the
good news is that they have an Alheimers vaccine ready for trials and I
believe they will be targeting children soon. Of course they do not know
what it will do to the immune system yet. You can read about it on CNN.
As for the Aids trials ongoing, I am sure they will be a big success!
They have 14 co.s on alert in Fla. for a man who contracted the West
Nile and last week was critical. It was reported in the Orlando
Sentinal. Other reports are from Ohio, New York and the Carolinas. If it
only takes one mosquito to kill you with that just what do you propose
as the most logical way to defeat this disease? A new vaccine or get rid
of the mosquitos? I mean if your house is infested with black widows do
you not spray so your children will not get bit.