FMD overview by Trevor Osborne an agricultural scientist

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My name is Trevor Osborne. I was trained as an agricultural scientist and
farm advisor in the UK in the early 1950's. This was the time when the
chemical farming era just began. We were taught age old methods that worked
with nature, not against it as we now do. Pests and diseases were controlled
naturally by what was known as good husbandry... both crop husbandry and
animal husbandry. The premise was, if your soils are healthy, then your
crops will be healthy. If your crops are healthy then your animals will be
healthy (see below). Healthy crops and animals have natural resistance to
all disease. If it were not the case those species would have died out aeons
ago. Nature does not rely on drugs and mass slaughter to control diseases,
it relies on the species natural immunity and they survive because that's
the way nature works... when you let it! It seems we have chosen to ignore
the lessons we learned over many centuries. How long is it going to take for
humanity to wake up to this fact? What we need to do is learn and practice
"health creation" not "disease eradication" both in agriculture and in human
health. Then, and only then will be start to reverse the disastrous
situation we find ourselves in both sectors.

This brings me to the current Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) situation. FMD is
not a fatal disease under normal classification methods. It is akin to flu
in humans... yes, people can die from it but usually only the weak, elderly
and undernourished. In other words those people whose immune systems are
low. Simplistically, the same applies to FMD... those animals with very weak
immune systems may die. Those with weak immune systems will suffer the
symptoms and then recover. Those with strong immune systems will not even
exhibit the symptoms.

This being the case the obvious LONG TERM answer to the problem is, build
the immune system of the animals. And this is done by practising good
husbandry. This doesn't mean we have to go back 50 or 100 years. No, it is
about using what we know of the old, and combining it with the new. For
example, it is well know in some circles that most agricultural soils have
been depleted of certain minerals and humus... both of which are necessary
for healthy and nutritious crops. There is a quick and economic answer to
this. It involves applying mineral-rich volcanic rock dust and organic
carbon to the soils. Two companies I know of in Australia are involved in
this, there are probably more in other counties:

1. International Mineral Consultants Pty Ltd:

2. Sustainable Agriculture & Food Enterprises Pty. Ltd.

To supplement my above statements I have attached a document taken from
Hansard (Australian Parliament records) and one from the US Congress both of
which elude to the importance of soils to animal & human health. If you
require more evidence regarding the above please contact me at

I hope this brief overview may provide you with an inkling of where we are
collectively heading and what needs to be done to change to a win-win-win

Regards... Trevor Osborne, NDA


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We call for a complete halt to the needless slaughter of  UK livestock. The
scientific testing equipment used by the veterinary agencies to detect the
so -called foot and mouth virus has  a proven track record of false

Enough evidence exists to doubt the current viral theory of Foot and Mouth.

We request that controlled trials be set up to confirm the scientific
position adopted by the conventional authorities.

We also request that readers make this information known to the local media,
to national media and to the farmers in their district.

The senseless slaughter must stop.