Borax provides a natural organic protection against the Foot & Mouth virus. Animals may still become carriers but apparently only for an average of 3-4 days, and do not seem to display any symptoms or lose condition, but quickly recover fully. A beneficial side-effect of Borax is that milk yields tend to improve and condition is maintained. The likelihood of spreading the virus within herds or to adjoining farms, is therefore greatly reduced.

Suppliers of Borax, Ainsworths of 36 New Cavendish Street, London W1 Tel: 0207 935 5330 or 01271 342 077 (Geoff Derges national agent), cannot guarantee complete protection, nor do they advertise this product as the answer to Foot & Mouth. However many thousands of farmers are now using Borax as a preventative. Like us they take the view that a remedy that has proved so effective in the past is worth trying, in order to halt the present policy of indiscriminate mass slaughter. Weleda of Ilkeston Tel: 0115 944 8200 also supply Borax. A prescription is not required.

During the last major outbreak of Foot & Mouth in 1967, anecdotal evidence indicates that those farms using Borax escaped, even when their neighbours were infected with this contagious disease. Now there is actual evidence from farms in various parts of the country that are using Borax are still uninfected, despite their neighbours losing all their stock in the present epidemic.

However no official clinical tests were ever conducted on the efficacy of homeopathic Borax. MAFF is thus able to claim that, because this remedy has not been officially approved it cannot be recommended. Vets licensed by MAFF have been instructed not to promote any prophylactic medical measures, homeopathic or otherwise. Any attempt to conceal or treat clinical symptoms of notifiable diseases in livestock is illegal. However MAFF having positively discouraged the use of Borax, now confirm that it is legal to give homeopathic preventatives to uninfected livestock.

Recommended Dosage: 5mls of Borax 30 per day per normal water trough for three days followed by 5mls on alternate days for a further ten days, making a total of 40mls per trough. As the present virus is so virulent, it is recommended that water treatment should continue on alternate days or at least twice a week at 5mls per trough until the outbreak subsides.


Biolitan is a herbal immunity enhancer clinically tested at an agricultural university in Holland. It is claimed to increase immunity levels by 800% in pigs, 300% in sheep and cattle and generally builds up resistance to disease and greatly improves the quality and condition of animals. It counteracts the debilitating effects of feeding inferior protein. It is supplied by Highperformance BV (agent John Cullimore 01453 890747 or Company Chairman Sjaak Brandes 01335 324108).

Recommended Dosage: 1ml per 100kg of live weight for 10 days, repeated at intervals.

LEGAL SITUATION. In our view MAFF representatives may not legally enter private premises for the purpose of destroying healthy stock and farmers thus threatened may refuse entry and apply to the Courts for immediate injunctive protection at any time of the day or night. Farmers should also insist on ‘Risk Assessment’ being carried out; independent veterinary testing before signing any permission to slaughter; and they should refuse entry to any MAFF representative not wearing full protective clothing, clean boots and not properly disinfected in the presence of the farmer. If threatened they should demand that MAFF confirm their threats in writing; they should record all contact/discussions with MAFF and abuses by MAFF. However farmers must notify FMD, not try to conceal it and accept culling of infected animals. This information has been supplied by JOHN GOURIET Chairman Freedom in Action (Tel: 01984 656256 or 07831 342909). Also see