Dr. Herscu is excellent.  For other excellent classical homeopaths see the
list I maintain
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Can Autism (And Other Vaccination Disorders) Be Cured? Tedd Koren's July 2001 newsletter.

Childhood vaccines are giving us a world of chronic illness: autism,
developmental disorders, Asperger's Syndrome, brain tumors, leukemia,
cancers, information processing disorders, impulsive violence, allergies,
asthma, diabetes, Crohn's disease, intestinal disorders.(all conditions rare
before mass vaccination) are just some of the vaccine associated disorders.
But what to do about these damaged children? Aren't autism and related
conditions permanent?

I always thought so until I met one woman who is very active in the
anti-vaccination movement.
"My child was severely, profoundly autistic due to a DPT shot," she told me.
"We were told he was permanently brain damaged. Today no one believes me,
he's a normal healthy child."
I was stunned. "What did you do?" I asked.
"I left no stone unturned. I eventually contacted the New England School of
Homeopathy and Dr. Paul Herscu, an educator, speaker and writer."
"At our consultation he said he wanted to videotape our son. I said, 'no
way, I don't want his horrible condition recorded.' But Dr. Herscu insisted.
I'm so glad he did, because today no one believes he was ever autistic."
"He used homeopathy?"
"Yes, classical homeopathy and also cranial osteopathy, we also did some
color therapy for his vision."
This was a revelation to me. I called Dr. Herscu: "I've seen about 400
adults and children with autism and I think maybe 3 or 4 did not respond
favorably" he told me. He also helps those suffering from other forms of
vaccine damage.

When I speak at seminars I'm often asked about what to do for vaccine
damaged children. In addition to chiropractic care, (including cranial
work), I recommend classical homeopathy, craniosacral therapy and/or cranial
osteopathy, and nutritional work. We see too many damaged children and no
potential source of healing should be ignored. The New England School of
Homeopathy is at www.nesh.com Dr. Herscu can be reached at 860-763-1225. The
cranial osteopath my friend used is Dr. Mary Bayno, 212-765-6474. Both
Herscu and Banyo may know someone in your area, (or it may be worthwhile to
have your patient travel to them). A craniosacral practitioner can be
located at (www.upledger.com). A classical homeopath in my area is Peter
Prociuk, MD at 610-701-5702 who also works with autistic children.