Dr. Duffy (DC. for almost 30 years) gave me permission to forward this to
everyone.  Sandy


From: Daniel H Duffy Sr.
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 9:39 AM

The present scare on meningitis is exactly that, a scare...
1. Meningitis is not a transmissable disease, we do not "catch" it from one another.
2. My first lesson in vaccine propaganda is when I learned, back in the forties, that the "epidemics" of meningitis amongst miltitary recruits were not epidemics but clusters, and the second thing I learned was that only the freshly vaccinated recruits "caught" meningitis. The mess sargeant didn't, the drill sargeant didn't, only the recruits did. Not even the girls who worked at the base exchanges and service clubs, with whom the recruits played kissy face "caught" meningitis - only the freshly vaccinated recruits "caught" it.
3. Why would people line up for antibiotics for meningitis? And exactly what kind of meningitis are we talking about here? Is this the Aseptic meningitis which was the new name given polio to make it look as though polio was on the decrease??
4. This is the type of activity that the medical fraternity uses to keep itself in the lime light and keep people in the dark about what is really going on in the world.
5. Has anyone bothered to check to see if these people with Meningitis were recently vaccinated? I doubt it.