Jeffrey P. Utz, M.D. (alias Robert Watson, Wyle E. Coyote, Jeffrey Peter, M.D,  aka Putz the pharma shill)
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"They are running a monopoly and they will lie, cheat and steal to keep it that way."---Dr Eva Snead

["Putz" is a classic  who claims to be a free thinking person "open to all evidence" (hence his shill status) but just pushes the allopathic line 100%.  A good example to observe for people who can't seem to believe medicine is a business first and foremost, before the health of you and your kids.  A member of Shill Quackwatch's HealthFraud list.]

Oh yeah?
"I have not seen anyone who is employed by the pharmaceutical companies here."--Putz

He must have read the manual:
"ANY NG posting by a targeted proponent for truth can result in an IMMEDIATE response. The government and other empowered players can afford to pay people to sit there and watch for an opportunity to do some damage. SINCE DISINFO IN A NG ONLY WORKS IF THE READER SEES IT - FAST RESPONSE IS CALLED FOR, or the visitor may be swayed towards truth."--The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist by H. Michael Sweeney

Use numerous alias & e mails so your non-conscience political position doesn't come back to haunt you:
Real one on HealthFraud list: Jeffrey Peter Joseph Utz, M.D.
[2007] "Robert Watson"
Jeff Utz
Jeff Utz, M.D.
Jeffrey P. Utz, M.D.   Hence "Putz"
Jeffrey Peter, M.D.
Wyle E. Coyote
Jeff Utz (Jan 2003)
Jeff (2007)

Then have the cheek:
Next time you want to back up your claims, please cite a real site, not one by some asshole who is too ashamed to put his name on it."

Complain about personal attacks
Nice personal attacks, whoever this person is. None of the email addresses are valid and the web page doesn't work. And calling this person a "putz?" Come on, only an idiot would not think this is not a personal attack.

Then attack personally
After all, the whaleto pages are clearly written by some twit who doesn't understand medicine or science and who is too ashamed to put her name on the pages. Can't blame her. (jan 6/2007)
Correct. There is no evidence that John ever had any intelligence. ;-)
Yazbak is an ass.
Smith was a clueless twit. Apparently, he was a good actor though.

"Too bad you can't see what a jerk you are."

"Warning: The site is maintained bys someone who knows almost nothign about medicine and peditarics or vaccines and science. The author is too ashamed to put hi name on the page. I don't blame him."---Putz

John wears an Aluminum foil beanie which prevents him from getting a clue. While I agree that he is unable to get a clue, it is not the aluminum foil beanie. It is what is underneath it.--Jeff

Vaccine safety is a favourite hate of Putz:
Parent stories/anecdotes don't count "The plural of anecdote is not data."--Putz
Media stories don't count
Case studies don't count   "Case studies are anecdotes. Nice try.....These are anecdotes. DUH. Not data."--Putz
Court judgements don't count "The courts don't prove anything. Except, maybe, who has the better lawyer or a kid who need sympathy."--Putz
VAERS doesn't count
"NVICP doesn't count"
Only scientific studies done by the vaccine makers count and they never do any on vaccine damage, they are only being done by the likes of Wakefield who Putz, of course, hates    "Wakefield's study is just pure garbage."--Putz

Flog the old propaganda ploys:
Peer review "Yet, the fact remains that mercury fears ARE unfounded. If I am incorrect, please provide peer-reviewed evidence to the contrary."
Anecdotes "Case studies are anecdotes. Nice try.....These are anecdotes. DUH. Not data.....The plural of anecdote is not data."--Putz
Ad Hominem "This whale to site is rubish. The author is so ashamed of it, he does not even put his name on the site. The site is clearly not by someone who has a clue about medicine or vaccination. Nor is he interested in the truth. For accurate information go to Immunization Action Coalition" ---Jeffrey Peter, M.D. <"

Relentless Allopathic and Elite propaganda
"Hemeopathic medicine is also unproven. It is just distilled water. No wonder it has not been proven."
"ADHD, autism, MS, and other stuff has never been linked to vaccinations. They have been hypothesized to be caused by vaccinations. However, good studies have not shown that this is the case."
"Chiropractic, naturopathy and homeopathy are worthless. They do not work (except for the practioner's pocketbook)."
"Yet human studies show that DPT is safe"  then "DPT is not 100% safe. Nothing is."--Putz
Nutritional medical doctors are all assholes
"Orthomolecular medicine? That is unproven bullshit. Anyone who buys it is wasting his money."--Putz

Chelation therapy is useless too."
"The fact of the matter is that proper diet and nutrition is important for maintaining health. But nurtitional medicine does nothing to cure most diseases."--Putz
"Herbal remedies DO NOT work. I guess physicians and other people want to see patients get effective treatment that works without wasting time and moneyon useless crap."

"Give us a break again. Vitamin C is not the cure for any viral disease."
"Give a us a break. The Spanish flu was caused by a virus."
The guy believes in orthomolecular medicine. A lack of understanding is expected. (Jan 16, 2007)

"Aspartame does not cause cancer in humans."
The fact is that  the scientific debate about whether vaccines cause autism or not  has been settled. Vaccines don't cause autism. (Jan 16, 2007)

Another useless website with poor information. Notice how the author of the site doesn't even put her name on the site. I guess she is too ashamed. I can't  blame her, the way she clearly doesn't have a clue about science, medicine and immunology. The only thing she is good at is making links to stupid sites, making the whale the laughing stock of the internet.

re: Naturopathic therapy:
Actually, enemas are bad for you, unless needed for a specific medical reason. Enemas can cause water and electrolyte imbalances and rupture the colon. They are not recommended by physician, except for specific conditions.There is no evidence that they work to improve health (except for specific medical reasons under the advice of a physician), and the theory about toxins on which the treatment is based is not backed by any medical evidence. And enemas in kids are especially dangerous and unneeded (except on the advice of a physician)."

"Wouldn't what detox is. It is really an old theory, like that used Hippocrates. There is no evidence for it. And plenty of evidence against it."--Putz

Putz classics (and typical vaccinator) with contradiction in the same sentence:
"Yet human studies show that DPT is safe"  then "DPT is not 100% safe. Nothing is."--Putz
"Mercury is taken out of vaccines to help ensure their safety. There is no evidence that the mercury in the vaccines causes any harm. However, the experts want to make sure that everything is done to keep vaccines as safe as possible."--Putz

"The reason why doctors are trained to believe that vaccines are safe is that they *ARE* safe. Yet they do have some risks, and doctors are trained about these risks too."

Spin classics
"The germs don;t need to be injected into a kid's body. Kids get cuts and scrapes all the time. Kids have feces (full of germs -- why do you think it stinks) in their intestines. And bacteria on their skin and in their respiratory tract all the time. The immune challange from a vaccine is nothing like the immune challenge kdis get every day."

"The (VAERS) reports are not reports of reactions that happen after a vaccine is given, but rather adverse events that happen after a vaccine is given." --Putz

Some Putz critics:
LOL ... this is the fake pediatrician who claimed that there was: "no evidence" exists that "silicon" (your mistake it's silicone) ...implants cause harm." There are hundreds of thousands of women who have been seriously harmed by their silicone implants ... He remains blind, deaf, dumber than dumb ...  and and a Quack Vac Flack ...God help anyone who believes anything he says as he hides behind a label of pediatrician." ----Ilena Rosenthal

"Okay, enough is enough, Jeff.  In the interest of fairness and accuracy, I've rewritten the above paragraph for you:
"The whale to page is not recommended BY ME, A WANNABE DOC, as a site from which one could gather accurate information.  The author of the site (who appears to be to ashamed to put his name on it, JUST AS I, UNTIL RECENTLY, REFUSED TO SIGN MY POSTS WITH MY REAL NAME, INSTEAD PREFERRING TO CALL MYSELF "JEFFREY PETER, MD" OR "WYLE E. COYOTE") appears to have no understanding of science, medicine, infectious disease or vaccines, UNLIKE I, WHO AM ALWAYS EAGER TO PARROT THE LATEST DECLARATIONS FROM GOVERNMENT HEALTH BUREAUCRATS (e.g., HHS, THE CDC/ACIP) OR VARIOUS MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONS (e.g., THE AMA AND AAP)."

John's site is a valuable resource; it's a great compendium of vaccine information.  If you have actually ever gone there--   (that is, to any page other than the one dedicated to you,, one of *my* favorites)--Jeff, which I doubt, you'd know that John even provides links to your sacred authorities' Web sites.  (Your site-- --is just dandy, too, Jeff... for those looking for links to TV Guide listings and a potato chip manufacturer.)"--JG

Main haunt:

The Pharma song
Considering that NO ONE got small pox last year and very few people in the US get measles, mumps, rubella (and rubella related birth defects), vaccines have save thousands of lives. There are far fewer cases of meningitis each year from Hib. There is less liver cancer becaue of the Hep B vaccine.  Saving lives is no hoax. The only hoax here is the site.

Either that or they want *accurate* information on vaccines on the site. Clearly, the site is not accurate. The author does not have a clue about science or medicine.I guess the editors at wikipedia are doing a good job of keeping only evidence-based information on medicine present. Jeff