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"In as much as detoxification of the body is of the greatest importance, especially in the beginning, it is absolutely necessary to administer frequent enemas, day and night (on the average, we give coffee enemas every four hours, day and night, and even more frequently against severe pain, nausea, general nervous tension and depression)...Some patients take enemas every two hours, or even more frequently, during the first days of the treatment. More advanced cases are severely intoxicated and the absorption of the tumor masses, glands, etc., intoxicates them even more. Many years ago I lost several patients by coma hepaticum, since I did not know, and therefore neglected, the vital importance of frequent and regularly continued elimination of poisonous substances, with the help of juices, enemas, etc."----Dr Max Gerson, M.D. (A Cancer Therapy)

"Some metabolic therapists insist on daily enemas, including coffee enemas (excellent detoxifiers of the liver) in order to cleanse the system.."-----Dr Harold W Harper, MD ( How You Can Beat the Killer diseases 169)