Date: 10 Feb 1999

From: Bronwyn Hancock ( )

Please support Adam and Suzanne—we need to give as many as possible honest, caring, freedom-respecting people the opportunity to be in Parliament. It’s all been rather sudden, so at short notice they need to get 200 signatures by THIS Friday in order to stand, and they only have about 100 at the moment (got 35 yesterday), but will be working hard on it over the next couple of days.

You may not agree with every policy they’ve listed, but it doesn’t matter— you don’t have to give them money or even your vote, just the opportunity!

I have attached a zipped version of the form to sign here, in case anyone doesn’t have a fax, but does have a printer (and Winzip or similar). By the way, needless to say, we have educated Adam and Suzanne on vaccination—I know them because Adam read Viera’s article on "Shaken Baby Syndrome" in Nexus magazine, and contacted her. They took AJ to Pauline Rose yesterday—the Listen System practitioner on the video—and she is countering the mild vaccine damage that AJ sufferred from his first two lots. So they are informed, and with us 150% (150%? Well they say such non-mathematical things in sport, so why can’t I)!


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Sent: Tuesday, 9 February 1999

My name is Adam Todd and my wife is Suzanne. We have a baby boy who is now 10 months and one day old (as at 9 Feb 99). In short, on 21 September 1998, the Department of Community Services and the NSW Police came to our home at 5:45 PM and smashed down our door then proceeded to kidnap our baby from my wife’s arms in our bedroom. [Actually, we THOUGHT that DoCS stood for the Department of Community Services, though Adam now suspects DoCS stands for the Department of Child Snatching—Bron] They did this because they received a complaint earlier in the day that our baby of 5 months old was being breast fed. The claim was that AJ was all skin and bone, malnourished and had a cut on his face. You can see the whole story including video at  The Department officers were chased by us to their office. When we arrived they handed AJ back to Suzanne. We then interviewed them (that’s what they said in their notes) they claimed they had no medical staff or the ability to make a medical determination about our baby’s condition. The whole event was video taped by myself, including the interview with the Department Officers. The District Officer made it quite clear on two occasions that "their only concern was that the baby was being breast fed." (Video of that not online yet, but will be in March 99) Since that day, we have written to the Department of Community Services around 30 letters. We have received about 4 replies, none since December. We have also been battling with the NSW Police, who after two months of persistance by me, paid for the damage done to the door. They have refused to answer any questions I have asked them at any time. My last letter is on the web site and was around early January. Since 21 September we have received over 10,000 email messages, telephone calls, faxes and letters from people all over the world. (Mostly from Australia who saw it on TV on 22, 23, 28, 29 September.) Many people were sympathetic, some were congratulative to us for holding up so well, others suggested we sue the Police, Government and DoCS. Many asked that now we had been on TV with our shocking mind numbing can’t happen in Australia story and complained, what were we going to do about it, to ensure it is fixed. Suzanne and I decided there was only one way to make sure this does not happen top any family again. (And it has since 21 September to date.) We have decided to run for Parliament in NSW in the up and coming election, on 27 March 1999. To do this we need to register a party—Australians for a Better Community—ABC for short. We want to get Government back to the basics. To do this we need to deliver to the State Electral office the signatures on SEO forms of 200 NSW Enrolled voters who support our applicaiton. We’re not asking for money, just the support to give us the opportunity. We need to do this by Friday 12 February by 4 PM. I know this leaves only a few days for many people, but I know we can achieve amazing things if we firmly belive in ourselves and put our minds to it. Suzanne and I have been knocking on doors in Sydney since Friday 29 January and been shocked at the amazing number of people who saw us on TV and support our campaign. Some of our campaign details are at , the site will be updated next week with more issues and policy sections. In the mean time, if you feel you an support our goal, please contact us urgently (or via another ABC member) [you can call me on 9144 6625—Bron] and ask for a form to be faxed. The catch is we have to get the ORIGINAL signed forms back to the Electoral office. Once you have signed your form (and convinced all your friends and neighbours to do the same) if you could put it in an Express Post Envelope by 2 PM on Thursday (<smile I know you can do this!) and send it to:

Adam and Suzanne Todd Go for Parliament PO BOX 174 Roseville NSW 2069

We will get it by 10 AM Friday meeting the deadline. It’s up to you. If you are motivated enough to help us reach our goal, and as of the writing of this notice Suzanne and I have personally collected 104 signatures in the space of 6 days ourselves, whilst carrying a baby around to homes all over the place, and still managed to carry on our normal business, then you too can be proud of helping us reach our goals. Community is everyone—everyone counts. Make your vote count on 27 March and vote TODD (or ABC) for the Upper house. Just remember TODD. Adam Todd Upper House Candidate NSW Elections 27 March 1999.