Advice to parents regarding allegations of SBS, or other abuse:

1 --- It has happened to many parents.

2 --- they are traceable to a vaccine or prescribed drug.

3 --- you should not appear uncertain about how the death occured. If you have no solid evidence that you caused it, then you must firmly maintain that you did not cause the death. Period. Keep any personal doubts to yourselves, or you may find yourselves being tried for manslaughter and/or lose custody of your other children.

4 --- don't consent to an interview with the hospital, physician, police, cws, or prosecutors without an attorney or a vaccine advocate that knows the pitfalls for unsuspecting parents in these situations.

5 --- you must keep all evidence and be prepared to sue the doctor. Even if you don't sue, you should have an independent (no affiliations with health agency or da) doctor or medical examiner autopsy your baby. Make the results available to a doctor familiar with drug or vaccine induced injuries.

6 --- there may be a point in these proceedings where you may have to go public with your case. I can't tell you if or when. But your shame (which is unwarrented) and wish to keep this incident private only gives the advantage to the other side. Even if you are found innocent, if you don't go on the offensive and charge that the vaccine was the cause of the death, then you will be under suspicion even more if a similar thing happens to any of your other children in the future. State and local child welfare agencies now have you on their list. Whenever you apply for an adoption, or a job involving children, you will likely be denied it. Also, there is no statute of limitations on homocide. At their discretion, the DA may file charges at any time, whether it is murder second degree, or manslaughter 1 or 2. Whatever they think they could prove.

7 --- do not vaccinate any of your other children. I can advise you how to exempt them for school vaccines.

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