Dear List, 15.2.2001

This is a MUST conference for all those individuals involved in seeing that justice is done in alleged Shaken Baby Syndrome cases.

Carters Law Firm, Sydney, Australia, have again been instructed by an accused individual who is presently in jail for allegedly shaking a baby and causing death. As I will be part of the investigative team involved in this case I will certainly be in attendance at this conference. If any law firm acting on behalf of accused individuals or the accused individuals themselves would like information, tapes, etc. from this conference will they please contact me direct.

Sincerely, Maureen Hickman, Para/Legal—Carters Law Firm, Auburn, NSW, Australia



National Australian Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome to be held in Sydney,

Australia on September 3-4, 2001 at Regent Hotel.

The conference is being sponsored by The National Center on Shaken Baby

Syndrome, The Children's Hospital at Westmead and Sydney Children's Hospital.

Speakers include:-

Professor Kim Oates M.D. and Les White, M.D. welcome

Mr. Larry Anthony Federal Minister for Family Services opening


Professor Marie Bashir, MBBS, FRANZCP Govenor of NSW keynote address

Craig Donaldson, M.D. Occular Injuries What are they and What

Fellow of the Royal Australian Do they tell us?

College of Ophthalmologists

Ron Barr, MDCM Does the Age-related Pattern of Shaken

Professor of Pediatrics & Psychiatry Baby Syndrome Correspond to the Age-

McGill University, Montreal, related pattern of early crying?


Cpl. Craig Smith Shaken baby syndrome A Police

Formerly Royal Canadian Mounted Investigator's Perspective

Police, Alberta, Canada

Marilyn Sandberg, Executive Elijah's Story: Documentary on a Shaken

Director, National Center on Baby Syndrome. The Story of Elijah

Shaken Baby syndrome follows a young family from the birth of

Their son and family celebrations to the

911 call and testimony at sentencing.

Emily Fisher "

Parent of Shaken Baby Syndrome


Michael Ryan, M.D., Alternative Medical opinions for Shaken

Fellow of the Royal Australian Baby Syndrome Cases

College of Physicians

Senior Staff Specialist in child


Peter McIntyre, M.D., "

Department of Infectious Disease

Children's Hospital at Westmead

Melanie Gattenby "

District Officer, Department of

Community Services,

Chatswood Joint Investigation


Randy Alexander, M.D. Mechanisms of Injuries of Shaken Baby

Morehouse School of Medicine Syndrome

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Robert Reece, M.D. Medical Literature Review 1997-2000

Massachusetts Society for the Articles on Abusive Head Traums

Prevention of Cruelty to Children


Adam Salazar, Program Specialist Dads 101 a Training Program for New

National Center on Shaken Baby and Expecting Fathers

Syndrome, Ogden, Utah

Mary-Clare Waugh, M.D. Rehabilitation Methods for Shaken Baby

Staff Specialist Department of Syndrome Victims

Rehabilitation Medicine

Fellow of the Royal Australian

College of Physicians,

The Children's Hospital, Westmead

Kevin Lowe, MD & Adrienne Epps, MD "


Sydney Children's Hospital

Monica Avis Joint Investigation Teams The

Department of Community Services Interagency/Multidisciplinary Approach


Representative "

NSW Police Service, Sydney

Robert Kirschner, M.D., A Forensic Response to Shaken Baby

Department of Pathology & Syndrome

Pediatrics, University of Chicago

Rob Parrish, J.D., Deputy Director Key to the Successful Prosecution of

National Centre on Shaken Baby Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases

Syndrome, Ogden, Utah

Roy Ellis, Lawyer "