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[2016 Nov] 350 Doctors and Scientists Appeal to Bring Back Skeptic ‘Shaken Baby’ Doctor

[2016 Oct] Should Waney Squier have been struck off over shaken baby syndrome?

[2011] Met accused of 'campaign' against shaken baby witnesses

[2011 Dec] The disturbing reason why a growing number of parents are being falsely accused of shaking their babies to death  So certain were doctors and police that Jayden had been hurt by his parents that the couple were barred from their son’s bedside before he died....Finally, the judge told the jury to find the couple not guilty because Jayden’s post-mortem revealed he had rickets, a serious childhood bone disease which had once been eradicated in this country nearly a century ago. .....The Karolias were accused of inflicting many terrible injuries on the child, including breaking her leg, her arm, and her rib. The police and prosecution lawyers said they had been caused by twisting, shaking and rotating the child’s limbs.  However, a very senior paediatric consultant who has examined evidence given at the trial has told the Mail: ‘It is very likely that there was an issue here with low levels of vitamin D in the mother and her daughter. But it appears that when it was mentioned in court, the prosecution nearly had a fit because they insisted this child had been shaken and abused.’

[2011 May] At least half of all parents tried over shaken baby syndrome have been wrongly convicted, expert warns

[2011 April] Is shaken baby syndrome a myth?

[2009 July] Judge throws out case against 'loving mother' accused of shaking baby to death

[2009] We had our baby taken away for a year over a doctor's blunder

[2009] My three-and-a-half-year ordeal, by man accused of shaking baby

[Dec 2007] Heartbroken woman wonders if vaccines killed her infant son

[Media March 18, 2006 Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy] Social workers 'took girl from her family on a whim'

[Media July 2005] 'Shaken baby' convictions quashed 

[Media Jan 2005] Villegas defense: Baby died from vitamin deficiency
[Media August 27, 2004] Judge overturns conviction for man accused of killing baby
[Media 2004 Hep B vax] Father found guilty in 'shaken baby syndrome' case (Russell Maze)

[Media August 09, 2004] Mother (Julie Ferris) is cleared of murdering her babies

[Media Friday, 26 March, 2004] Doubt over shaken baby diagnosis
[Media UK, Jan 2003, vaccine SBS--sally clark] Mother cleared of sons' deaths

[Media Dec 2002--SBS] Dixon man on crusade for justice

[Media Aug 2001] They said we hit our baby when all the time he had brittle bones

[Media UK, 18 Oct 2000] Brittle bones 'are being diagnosed as child abuse'

[Media UK, Jan 2003, SBS--sally clark] Mother cleared of sons' deaths
[Media July 2, 2002] New facts raise more doubt: did Sally Clark really kill her babies?
[Media July 16, 2001] 'Cot death gene' legal challenge by babies' killer
[Media USA July 1999] Father Convicted of Smothering Infant Son
[Media Aug 1999 Australia] Four dead babies in 10 years(Follbig)
[Media Feb 3, 1999 Australia] Killer Nanny Freed To Come Home For Therapy
[Media 19 Jan 1999 Australia] NANNY STRIKES A BABY DEATH DEAL
[Media UK, 1999] Shadow of a doubt (Clark)

Jury: Father didn’t shake his son Published in The Courier-News 9/2/1998 (Carey)
[Media USA 1998] Jury: Father didn't shake his son- DPT to blame (carey)
[Media USA Sept 1998] Reactions to vaccine match symptoms found in `shaken baby' cases (Gray)
[Media] Several parents are fighting criminal charges of killing or injuring their infants by shaking them with claims that the baby's brain damage actually resulted from recent vaccination. Gannett News Service, (Carey, Gray, Johnson)

Shaken baby syndrome: UK mother convicted of killing two sons (Clark)

[1998]  IT'S NOT SHAKEN-BABY CASE.  Charges dismissed, parents get permanent custody of son.