Devin Johnson 1997 DPT--brain damage, shaken baby syndrome (Devin was born on January 8, 1993. He appeared to be a generally healthy baby for his first four months of life. On May 19, 1993, Devin received a "DPT' inoculation at the offices of his pediatrician in Maplewood, Minnesota. Four days later, on May 23, 1993, his mother took Devin to an "urgent care" facility, where she reported that he had been cranky and fussy since the 19th, with intermittent vomiting and a slight fever. A physician examined Devin and determined that he had an infection of both ears. On the evening of the following day, May 24, Devin's parents rushed him to a hospital emergency room. Devin's father, who had been caring for the infant over the previous several hours, reported that Devin had suddenly became rigid and unresponsive minutes beforehand. (Ex. 9, pp. 34-37.) At the hospital, Devin was determined to have suffered seizures and a very significant, life-threatening brain injury. Devin's father, Jeffrey Lee Johnson, was criminally charged with assault and malicious punishment of the infant. After a nonjury trial, the judge acquitted Jeffrey Johnson.) Denied

Devin Johnson, 1997, [DPT, 1993--infection of both ears, life-threatening brain injury, Shaken Baby Syndrome, serious brain injury (encephalopathy)]