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SMALL-POX - A HEALING CRISIS & The Truth About Vaccination.

By H Valentine Knaggs. 1924


There can be no question that fighting disease with disease is a ghastly failure in the experience of all nations that have tried it. The world has dallied too long with such methods. Vaccination has been inflicted upon humanity for over a century, yet Small-pox, which it was to banish, is the only one of the great epidemic diseases still present in civilised communities.


In the light of the colossal exposure of the failure of Vaccination in the Philippines and in Japan, and in face of the staggering amount of mortality, disease and suffering which follows in the wake of every big Vaccination campaign, the reader may reasonably ask why so many doctors and public health authorities are still enthusiastic about it?

Many laymen suspect that the loyalty of the medical profession to Vaccination is inspired less by scientific considerations than by pecuniary reasons, and it is difficult to say that the suspicion is unfounded.

An inoculation can be accomplished in less time than almost any other service rendered by a doctor, and there is no doubt that a Small-pox scare is a gold mine for the vaccinators, and that people suffering from the after effects of Vaccination call for an increasing amount of medical attention. An occasional clamour for Vaccination worked up by the Press is as profitable to the doctors as an occasional bargain sale to the drapers.

Those who know that there are about 1,200 medical officers in the United Kingdom with salaries ranging around 1000 pounds a year - mostly "soft jobs" available only to Vaccinationist doctors, discover another business reason for the medical profession’s loyalty to the Jenner rite.

The fact that no doctor who disbelieves in Vaccination can be appointed to a hospital with bed patients, and that Vaccination is still a condition of employment in the Army, Navy, and in all State Departments, and also of admission to educational and other institutions, increases the suspicion that a belief in Vaccination is a profitable element in a doctor’s equipment! When no one could hold a Government post without belonging to the Church of England all Government officials were devout members of the Church, but when the conditions disappeared orthodoxy and uniformity of belief disappeared with it. In the same way, if a medical officer’s views on Vaccination were left to his own professional conscience the public might be surprised to find how vaccinating doctors became openly heretical.

The thoughtful citizen may ask: "Why don’t the newspapers tell the truth about this dirty business?" until someone in Fleet Street explains that the daily and evening papers derive much of their information gratis from official sources, and that any paper which criticises Vaccination might find its supply of news from the Ministry of Health immediately curtailed!

With all these ugly facts staring him in the face, it is not surprising that the layman puts a very sordid construction upon official efforts to prop up the tottering case for Vaccination, to stifle crticisim-and to designate anti-vaccinator as "cranks".


My own view, however, is that the majority of medical men still cling to the obsolete idea that Vaccination is good chiefly because they have paid very little attention to the considered statements of those who think otherwise. That most vaccinators mean well, I have no doubt, but all through the ages well-meaning men have been responsible for some of the greatest tragedies in history. They have perpetrated all manner of evils and committed all kinds of follies under the impression that they were doing good, until they learned better or were put under restraint.

If, as Disraeli says: "Assassination never changed the history of the world," it has certainly changed the history of the assassinated. The sooner people who object to having their bodily "history" changed by law and, in the name of medical science, combine to abolish Vaccination, the sooner we shall be rid of a grave public danger.

It is not so many centuries ago since folk believed that the earth was flat. It is only twenty-five years ago that the petrol-propelled vehicle was a comic paper joke. Only twelve years ago people laughed at the notion of flying in a heavier-than-air machine. Two years ago few people believed it possible for us to receive by wireless speech and music from America.

Yet these and many other things have come to pass because in every instance a few men dared to think for themselves and break away from cast-iron tradition in the same way as a minority of doctors are doing to-day. And when this minority becomes a majority Vaccination will vanish overnight.

The injection into the human body of rotten fluid taken from a cow suffering from cow-pox to prevent Small-pox was an unholy and disgusting superstition when performed by those who knew no better. Its continuance to-day, with all the unassailable evidence against it, is a crime against humanity.

So much for vaccination!


According to the orthodox definition, Small-pox is an acute, specific, infectious disease. It is characterised by well defined febrile (feverish) symptoms and the formation of a distinctive skin eruption which passes through three stages of vesicule, pustule and crust.

The main body of the Medical Profession, hand in glove with the Ministry of Health, exercise their great influence and authority impress upon the public the danger and horror of this disease. The disfigurement and pock-marking liable to occur as after effects of Small-pox are the principal bogeys with which, for reasons of their own, they try to frighten the people.

For over a century Small-pox has had more free advertising than any other disease. But the same authorities say little about measles, scarletina or diphtheria, all of which are infinitely less desirable than Small-pox. The only explanation of the official enthusiasm for Small-pox, as compared with the more dangerous diseases, is that the great and profitable Vaccination industry has always flourished on Small-pox.

Those medical men who have conducted independent research on Small-pox and who prefer to form their own conclusions are, of course, unaffected by the organised and officially inspired scares so adroitly arranged at convenient intervals. One of the very first doctors to realise the truth about Small-pox was the far sighted Dr Sydenham, who wrote:

"As it is palpable to all the world how fatal Small-pox proves to many of all ages, so it is clear to me from all the observations that I can possibly make, that if no mischief be done, either by physician or nurse, it is the most safe and slight of all diseases." (From: The Work of Sydenham)

The most advanced doctors of the Continent, America and Great Britain now agree with the pronouncement of Dr Sydenham, one of the pioneers of medical progress.

One of the first things we must do is to make the public understand that the greatest danger with Small-pox is the risk of being scared into a Vaccination centre!


The sane view of Small-pox is that it is a beneficent disease, or rather Nature’s way of eliminating disease.

When one banishes from one’s mind all the professional abuse that has been hurled at Small-pox for over a hundred years, and when one studies it calmly and without professional prejudice, it is perceived that Small-pox is nothing more nor less than a healing crisis.

Small-pox removes impurities by bringing them to the surface and getting rid of them by pustular eruption, and this mighty effort of Nature to free the body from undesirable matter is familiar to all students of Nature cure as "A Healing Crisis."

Small-pox is not a disease contracted by the action of some mysterious microbe. If the body is almost clogged with poison and Small-pox is contracted, then the patient will have it thoroughly, because Nature will make a correspondingly big effort to eliminate the poison from the system. The temperature will be high and perspiration profuse to get rid of some of it in that way. A great area of the skin surface will be in a state of eruption to eradicate some of it by means of pustules, and unusual thirst will cause the patient to take more liquid- Nature’s means of elimination via the kidneys. In fact, the more clearly we realise Nature’s aims and needs, the more we appreciate the perfection of this great healing crisis.

Patients who take it lightly are those who are less encumbered with poison than those who take it severely.


Most people, through wrong living, lack of fresh air, exercise and right diet, carry within themselves more or less organic poison. This poison tends to accumulate unless it is kept in check by suitable baths, right breathing, fasting etc. When it has increased to such an extent as to interfere seriously with the normal functioning of the body, then nothing that medical knowledge and skill can do will be so thoroughly beneficial as an attack of Small-pox.

To those who have had neither the opportunity nor the time to study the subject, and to those who have always accepted without question the claptrap that has been written about Small-pox during the last forty years, this considered statement of fact may sound like the irresponsible raving of a lunatic.


Dr. Abram’s instrument, which detects and identifies disease taints in a few drops of blood or of saliva is increasingly used by doctors in diagnosing cases. As the test tube is to the analytical chemist, so is this new electrical machine to the up-to-date doctor. It shows that the taints found in vaccine are identical with those in the virus extracted from Small-pox pustules. A recent report states that:

"lymph, when submitted to the test, show the reactions of congenital syphilis (bovine type) and some of them show streptococcus (pus type) and tuberculosis (bovine type)."

Dr Lindlahr further states that:

"The pus-like mass exuding from the Small-pox pustule contains the virus not only of Small-pox but also of scrofula, psora, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhoea, anthrax, lumpy jaw and poisons in the animal or human being from which the virus was secured."

The infallible analysis of this new scientific aid to diagnosis shows that all the taints contained in the lymph enter the body of the vaccinated person and remain there, a source of danger until they are all brought to the surface and forcibly ejected by the healing crisis.

The patient who has had the benefit of Small-pox-Nature’ greatest cleansing process-rapidly improves in health, enjoys renewed vitality and a freedom from all chronic disease taints. Inherited or contracted taints of syphilis, gonorrhoea and other septic diseases are all cleared away in the virus which is eliminated.


Once the official panic-propaganda is stopped and the public has learned to cast out fear the rest will be easy, provided the great Vaccination business is done away with.

No one fears the advent of a boil or a carbuncle, and, after all, Small-pox is but a type of carbuncle multiplied and spread over a larger area instead of being concentrated at one spot. The purpose of boils, carbuncles and Small-pox is the same-ic to rid the system of impurity in the form of pus.

Of the orthodox treatment of Smallpox, the less said the better. Suffice it t add that the diet, the roughly extemporised hospitals and the treatment are all wrong, because of a general misunderstanding of the fundamentals the healing crisis.

The aim should be to assist Nature to perform her task, and to help the patient back to health and keep free from scars blemish.


Dr. Lindlahr has obtained some entirely successful results from partial fastings, using only diluted fruit juices. No solid foods are given, thus relieving the system of the burden of digestion and liberating more energy for the great eliminative effort.

An alternative method, which I have personally found very effective in septic cases, is to limit the dietary to potatoes, baked in their skins, casserole-cooked green vegetables, dry cold toast and butter, with water as the only drink. My object in this dietary is to give those foods which, while in the digestive system, absorb and neutralize toxic poisons. The result is that much of the septic virus to be eliminated finds its way into the digestive system and is neutralized, thus lessening the strain of the surface excretion and incidentally the severity of the skin eruption.


In mild cases full Epsom salts baths should be used, as this salt, applied to the surface, abstracts toxic poisons. Two pounds of the salts should be used in each bath, the temperature of which should be maintained at 104 degrees all the while the patient is in it, which should be for 30 minutes.

In severe cases where baths are undesirable, the whole skin should be amply lubricated. A weak carbolic oil or,

- better still, olive oil medicated with peppermint or hydrastis cannadensis, is effective for this purpose. The use of these oils soothes the skin, allays irritation and prevents pitting and disfigurement.


"Conscience makes cowards of us all," but the trouble with the Small-pox scare mongers is that they make cowards of other people! The truth will prevail and in a little while Small-pox will be regarded as Nature’s supreme disease eradicator. Meanwhile, be not afraid, for there is nothing to fear save panic and its allies -the lymph and the lancer.