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Subject: [Vaccinations] Young Girl Recovers from Stealth and Mycoplasma Infections

Please take time to read this testimony from a young women who got well
after the guidance  and treatment she received from the doctors and
researchers who attended last years CCMRF conference.  All her problems
started  at 16 years of age,  after a typhoid vaccine that she was
basically forced to take before visiting a friend in a foreign country.  So
what would our public health say about this? anecdotal evidence?? So much
for informed consent!!! By the way, the doctors attending this conference
and who treated her-- found she had  stealth viruses and mycoplasma in her
Rose Stevens--Director of vaccine Safety Concerns

Fran Alberts Testimony after attending 2nd Annual Common Cause Medical
Research Conference in Rochester.

I attended last year's Common Cause Conference a very ill young lady,
who had been everywhere and tried everything to get well. Riding
through the airport in a wheelchair, I traveled to Rochester hoping to
meet the researchers who would be in attendance and somehow unlock the
mystery of what had kept me so ill for so long. I am pleased to say
that is exactly what happened. Under the guidance of a physician I met
at that conference and following the protocols of several of the
researchers who presented, I have now regained about 80% of my health
and life and I'm still improving. After 10 years of total
disability and excruciating illness, it is tremendously exciting to have
a life again. Come to Winnipeg this year and discover how to regain
your life and health. If you're too ill to come, send someone else.
You need this information.

Fran Alberts Brooks, Alberta