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"We can't put these chelation doctors out of business without your help."---FDA administrator Dr Stuart Nightingale in a speech to the AMA House of Delagates, Honolulu, 1984.

Virtually all the doctors who defended a class of drugs widely used to treat heart disease had hidden links to the makers of the drugs, the New England Journal of Medicine said in its Thursday (1999) issue. The Journal said a team of researchers found that almost all the doctors who rushed to defend the safety of calcium channel blockers in 1995 had financial links to the drug companies that make them.

"looking back I was like a log being tossed into the flume and headed for the sawmill. Once you are in the shute, there are people all along the way to keep you in the flume until the saw slices you open and shoots you out the other side. The sawmill is called bypass surgery."—Don Williams

"You think that nonprofit organizations just give away their stamps of approval on products? Bristol-Myers Squibb paid $600,000 to the American Heart Association for the right to display AHA's name and logo in ads for its cholesterol-lowering drug Pravachol. Smith Kline Beecham paid the American Cancer Society $1 million for the right to use its logo in ads for Beecham's Nicoderm CQ and Nicorette anti-smoking ads."--Book

In the 1970s and 1980s, three major studies were published on the effects of coronary bypass surgery, and they are the only studies published to date.  None of them demonstrated a significantly higher survival rate for the group that had bypass surgery versus those who did not. Even the angiogram that supposedly diagnoses people who “need” bypass surgery is virtually worthless, as attested to by all the studies published to date. Even though the diagnosis and treatment are worthless, the coronary bypass business is among earth’s most lucrative, raking in more than $50 billion per year in America.  When Dr. Henry McIntosh at the Baylor College of Medicine, where the first bypass surgery was performed, published an assessment of the first ten years of bypass surgery results, he stated that there were virtually no measurable benefits from bypass surgery.  Soon after publishing his paper, he was forced to leave Baylor. His is not an unusual fate.  People with private insurance are 80% more likely to have an angiogram than a Medicaid (welfare) patient, and are 40% more likely to have bypass surgery.  In his book, Heart Frauds, after Charles T. McGee, M.D. exposes the scam that American medicine is regarding artery and heart disease, he then recommends what people should do to prevent those diseases.  His advice is almost all about eating live food, just as in Stale Food vs. Fresh Food.  Fortunately, his book has not yet been banned.  ---Wade Frazier

A MEDICAL SCHOOL PROFESSOR BUSTS THE QUACKBUSTERS: If EDTA Chelation Therapy is so Good, Why Is It Not More Widely Accepted? James P. Carter, MD, DrPH http://www.drcranton.com/chelation/carter.htm

BUSTING THE QUACKBUSTERS: REBUTTAL TO "QUACKWATCH" WEBSITE OPPOSING CHELATION THERAPY: By Elmer M. Cranton, M.D. http://www.drcranton.com/chelation/rebuttal.htm

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