A Shot for Shots - Type-1 Diabetes caused by Vaccines

April 6, 2013  http://vacceptableinjuries.blogspot.co.uk

On September 28, 2011, my three-year-old daughter, Johanna, was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes, an autoimmune disorder. As there is no history of type-1 diabetes in my or my wife’s immediate family, we couldn't establish a genetic link, leading us to look for external factors. At Johanna’s diagnosis, an A1C test was performed, measuring her glucose levels over the past three months. When comparing the A1C results to the onset of symptoms as expressed by behavioral signs, it became evident that the onset of Johanna’s autoimmune disorder and the administration of vaccines matched.
I have been screened for positive auto-antibodies  and none were found. My wife has been screened for positive auto-antibodies  and none were found—neither of us passed diabetes on to our daughter. My parents have no signs of type-1 diabetes, and neither did my grandparents. I have four brothers and sisters; none have type-1 diabetes. My wife’s parents have no signs of type-1 diabetes, and neither does her brother. Her grandparents never showed signs of type-1 diabetes.
There’s no genetic link; therefore something must have overcome Johanna’s natural resistance to type-1 diabetes. Numerous medical articles suggest that vaccine adjuvants (by definition, an adjuvant is an ingredient intended to aid in the effectiveness of the vaccine, substances such as aluminum and mercury) can cause autoimmune disorders. Shaw Tomljenovic, from the National Center for Biotechnology Information states: “experimental evidence shows that simultaneous administration of as little as two to three immune adjuvants can overcome genetic resistance to autoimmunity.”
Vaccines caused my daughter to develop an autoimmune disorder—possibly for the rest of her life. And they have no doubt caused other children to suffer from type-1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders. Research shows that when one part of the immune system is over-excited, the others may not function adequately, and the one targeted is likely to react excessively and ineffectively, such as in the case of allergies and autoimmune disease.
Whenever Johanna was vaccinated, signs of allergies appeared. We could never quite figure out why she had so many allergic reactions. The signs of allergies became mild a few weeks after the vaccines were administered, and disappeared after we stopped vaccinating our children completely. But now she suffers from an autoimmune disease. Why? Because her immune system reacted excessively and ineffectively to the vaccines she was given.
My research journey took me to Germany, Israel, and the US. The deeper that journey led me into vaccine safety, the more emotional this research became as I realized that I had needlessly harmed my child by having her vaccinated. I found pediatricians, general practitioners, and scientists falling victim to confirmation bias—only looking for, or only accepting, research that supported their pro-vaccine arguments. As I have listened to many of the pro-vaccine arguments given by pediatricians to persuade concerned parents, I was astonished that a simple search at the National Library of Medicine provided me with an abundance of credible research articles showing the harm vaccines can do.
In a research article conducted by the Department of Medicine at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, the researchers concluded, “There are significantly elevated risks of primarily emergency room visits approximately one to two weeks following 12 and 18 month vaccination.” The researchers found that for every live vaccine given, there’s one high-risk event to be expected for every 168 twelve-month-olds vaccinated, and one high-risk event for every 170 eighteen-month-old children vaccinated. Doctors expect to see twenty seizures for every 100,000 children vaccinated. Slowly it became evident to me that vaccinating our children is a shot in the dark, like playing the lottery using our children’s lives.
I wonder why it was that as a parent, I hadn't been informed in greater detail that vaccines had the potential of causing incredible harm to my children. Why was it that pediatricians and pediatric nurses, the people to whom we had entrusted our children’s health, didn't engage us in a dialogue, pointing out the potential adverse events in order for us to make a well-informed decision? Why was it that any drug commercial on TV informed me of most possible, even unlikely side effects, but only a few were mentioned as far as vaccines were concerned?
Had I known that vaccines could cause unpredictable damage in children and that adjuvants used in vaccines had the potential of causing the immune system to attack its own cells (as in type-1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders), I would have never exposed my children to vaccines, and I am convinced that I would have spared my daughter the torture of a life-long autoimmune disorder.

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