ABPI formalises links with clinical fraud investigation firm

The Pharmaceutical Journal Vol 264 No 7088 p426

March 18, 2000 News

ABPI formalises links with clinical fraud investigation firm The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has formalised its relationship with a company that investigates fraud in clinical trials.

Medicolegal Investigations Ltd (MLI), founded by a former ABPI medical director (Dr Frank Wells) and Mr Peter Jay, a former detective chief inspector with the Metropolitan Police, now has a chairman and another director nominated by the ABPI. The new chairman is Mr Michael Wallace (vice-president, ABPI); the new director is Dr Richard Tiner (medical director, ABPI).

In a press statement on March 9, Dr Wells said: "Fraud in clinical trials is rare, but the realignment of MLI sends a clear message to doctors that they must adhere to rigorous ethical standards when participating in clinical trials."

MLI now intends to widen its remit from the investigation of clinical trials fraud to include a number of new services. These include: fraud awareness training; interview technique; random audits; private sector investigations; a whistleblowing service; and disciplinary investigations. http://www.pjonline.com/Editorial/20000318/news/fraudfirm.html06/05/2007  00:02:55