American Home Products Maker of Rotavirus vaccine and NEW Prevnar

And by the way, American Home Products won't let you see the product insert on their website - you have to be a doctor or sales rep - so if there are no problems with it why not show it.

American  Home Product's recent track record in the consumer drug  area. Here is a list of some of the company's recent problems:

1998- American Home recalled their drug "Duract", a painkiller that caused fatal liver problems in some long-term users.

July 99- the company halted shipments of its rotavirus vaccine, used to prevent diarrhea in young children after it was linked to bowel   obstructions in infants.

August 99- AHP recalled 600,000 defective allergy kits used by people at risk for severe  reactions from bee stings, certain foods or asthma.

August 99- AHP agreed to pay $50  million to settle a class action law suite brought by  women who used its contraceptive Norplant. The drug was  reported to cause headaches, irregular menstrual bleeding and nausea.

September 99- AHP is involved in  an investigation being conducted by the FBI for allegedly withholding information indicating that their  diet drug "Redux" can result in heart valve problems.


American Home Targeted in Wrongful Death Suit Over Vaccine Use

      Source: Sheri Nakken RN
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