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Anthrax vaccines

 "They would give us a big shot every month. I asked them one time, what it was, and I was told it was penicillin. Every time we got it, the entire platoon was jacked. I never thought about it at the time. I requested my medical records via FOIA and most of it was blacked out." -Anon

[June 22, 2006] Myocarditis death in soldier may have been caused by vaccines--DOD press release
Meryl Nass, MD: Please note that CDC found a much higher rate of myocarditis in  smallpox vaccine recipients than did DOD: 1 in 1,725, according to  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report put out by CDC.  In a vaccine  trial of smallpox vaccines conducted by Acambis the rate of myocarditis  was 1 in 973.  A 1978 study in Finnish military recruits found a much  higher rate using looser criteria (1 in 29).
    If DOD had cases occurring at the same rate, they should have had 580  cases in 1 million vaccine recipients, not 120.  However, DOD likely  had even more cases of myocarditis than 580, since it is believed that  people who have never before received the vaccine are at higher risk of  complications than those previously vaccinated.  Nearly all those who  were vaccinated through CDC had been vaccinated in childhood.   Relatively few military servicemembers have been previously vaccinated.
    Claiming that no previous smallpox recipients died with myocarditis is  also blatantly untrue.  Twenty-two year old Rachel Lacy died in early  2003, one month after receiving five vaccines in one day (including  smallpox and anthrax) and her autopsy demonstrated myocarditis.  Two  panels asked to evaluate her death for DOD agreed her death was  probably vaccine-related.  I wrote something about earlier inaccurate DOD statements about  smallpox vaccine-related myocarditis and death in 2003:

"My wife and I are currently on active duty in the US Army. Recently, while serving in Korea, we were vaccinated against anthrax. Unknown to us, my wife was pregnant. Our daughter lived for approximately 2 hours before dying." Vaccine Safety Manual  by Neil Z. Miller. p423

I was a junior USAF officer who was forcefully given unexplained inoculations from a self-described "Army doctor" at Dugway, UT in 1981. I was on flying status, and ONLY the USAF Flight Surgeon at Hill AFB, UT, had SOLE authority for my complete medical care; the Army had "NO" responsibility or authority for ANY of my medical care (not even for a hangnail). Yet, I received a telephone call ordering me to appear for an appointment at the Dugway Army Medical Clinic early one morning; upon arriving, I was told that "they," the Army, had reviewed my shot record (something I knew was untrue because, due to my USAF flying status, I kept the only, and original, shot record on my person, something that the USAF Flight Surgeon at Hill AFB DID review with each visit) and determined that I needed more vaccinations (also untrue because, due to my worldwide deployment requirement, I already had been given "everything" and, having just moved twice in the previous year, had had my shot record reviewed and updated each time). After an hour of refusing, but under many threats, including that of a courts martial, but the promise of being given vaccination documentation at a future date (which I never received), I succumbed to the pressure and threats and was given three inoculations, each twenty minutes apart, by a "doctor" and his PA, in a private, closed examination room (other than the room used for vaccinations) with the PA's constant observation. Within weeks, I developed multiple, severe symptoms, very similar to, but more severe than those of Gulf War Illness (GWI), that remain to this day. My identical twin, who was in the USAF but never at Dugway, doesn't have ANY of the tortuous, disabling symptoms that I suffer. Experimental vaccines at Dugway Army Proving Grounds, UT

He has had three anthrax shots. I was shocked to discover that his hair is suddenly very thin on the top back of his head. Also, he has been getting stomach aches, something he never did before, and a bad headache every few weeks. He is only 22, and I haven't any idea why his hair would be thinning as he always had extremely thick hair. He also had some rashes. Vaccine Safety Manual  by Neil Z. Miller. p423

What I've found REALLY ODD about the anthrax vaccine and the Gulf War enlisted/vets is that a nurse friend of mine was actually taking care of someone in the ICU who had an adverse reaction--cardiac damage. He was 19 years old and they unsure of whether he would live, even with a heart transplant. When I asked her if this was any kind of a scandal in the hospital, she said no, it was just another person she had to take care of. I don't understand why so much of what the current admin does is supposedly to "support the troops" and yet this egregious thing is being done to them ON PURPOSE and not by terrorist, and yet, NO ONE particularly cares, even if it's in front of their faces--i.e., no one was trying to cover up the etiology of this young man's problem in our local hospital. My nurse friend was fully informed it was an adverse reaction to anthrax vaccine... Secret adjuvant in new avian flu vaccine

Since those early discussions with Craig and Bob, many military personnel have reported developing DVTs following anthrax vaccination. Some military medical specialists are tracking this. Since 1998, when the Department of Defense began administering anthrax vaccine lots proven to be tainted by nanodoses of squalene, many service members have reported developing post-vaccination autoimmune vasculitis, Churg's Strauss syndrome, endocarditis, myocarditis, collagen vascular disease, cardiomyopathy, polyarteritis nodosa and cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Most of these adverse reactions are listed on the package insert for Biothrax (the licensed human anthrax vaccine). However, as NBC's Craig White reported to me, as have military personnel, the military draws anthrax vaccine in the field from multi-dose aliquots that do not come with a package insert for service members to read. Secret adjuvant in new avian flu vaccine  Gary Matsumoto

[Oct 2006] More birth defects even nurses are taking notice  "......I would like to note however that many of the babies born to Soldiers in my unit after we returned from our 03-04 deployment had significant birth defects i.e. born without an anus, born without a trachea etc.  Friends of  mine that had to go down to Lackland Air-Force Base in San Antonio, Texas (I am stationed at Fort Hood, Texas) because of complications with pregnancy, saw many, many more examples of birth defects from returning Soldiers and the nurses there even made comments alluding to a correlation between the deployment  and the defects; though I doubt any studies have been done...."

What is even more fascinating is the first anthrax fatality in the post 9-11 mailing was Bob Stevens, a photo editor for American Media Inc., who was in custody of two important reputed pictures of George W. Bush. One allegedly was a photo of Dubya lying in the satanic ritual coffin while engaging in homosexual acts with one of his fellow Skull & Bonesman at Yale. The other an alleged photo of him apparently drunk and/or stoned, dancing nude on a tavern bar or table. Who's on first? Who's on second? Who's really the terrorist? Just a glimpse down the rabbit hole By Dr. Kosmotar J. Katzspliff

I am known for having analysed a major anthrax outbreak, which occurred in Rhodesia during its civil war.  I showed that none of the explanations for why it was a "natural" event stood up to scrutiny, and that the epizootic was due to biological warfare. My understanding of the safety of anthrax vaccine and its role in GWS ---Meryl Nass MD

Several years ago, in conjunction with the Hartford Courant newspaper, I reviewed the first 1660 anthrax vaccine adverse events reports to FDA (found in the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS)), and found that about 160 met the CDC's case definition for GWS.  Most of those reporting had not been to the Gulf. ........The low rate of GWS in French troops, who were unvaccinated, had used prophylactic doxycycline and consumed cleaner, bottled water, needed explanation.  The issue of whether small numbers of French troops who did develop GWS were in liaison positions, and were vaccinated alongside US and UK units, has been raised by the French Ministry of Defense, but to my knowledge has not been resolved. My understanding of the safety of anthrax vaccine and its role in GWS ---Meryl Nass MD

Oh yeah?
James Turner, a Pentagon spokesman, says: “The vaccine is safe and effective. Period.”"---Media 2002

Prof Simon Wessely said a series of studies by his team at King's College, London, pointed to the vaccinations given to those who served in the 1991 Gulf War as a major factor in the illnesses they subsequently suffered. "The more vaccines you received, the more likely you were to suffer ill-health," he told the public inquiry in Gulf war illnesses. "Those who had the most vaccinations were nearly twice as likely to get ill. We still haven't got that right. We're still getting problems with anthrax vaccinations now."........Prof Wessely said troops given the combination of whooping cough vaccine and anthrax vaccines were 40 per cent more likely to suffer the symptoms attributed to the so-called Gulf War Syndrome. [Media Aug 11, 2004] Gulf war vaccine still a problem, leading scientist tells inquiry

"The anthrax vaccine was approved without every doing a controlled clinical  study. There is no long term safety data on the anthrax vaccine. The government admitted this in congressional hearings. It is a distortion of the truth to say there is substantial safety data."--Bart Classen

"CDC recently sponsored a trial of post-exposure anthrax vaccine use. FDA approved the trial. The study's consent form acknowledged that preliminary data showed anthrax vaccine could cause birth defects. Since for the preceding two months antibiotic treatment had been 100 per cent successful at preventing anthrax in those exposed, it was not at all obvious that vaccination offered any additional benefit. Yet pregnant women were invited to enroll as subjects.  Isn't it unethical to offer a vaccine to pregnant women that might cause birth defects, and one that was not necessary? But that wasn't the end of it. FDA just approved the license for anthrax vaccine, and approved a new anthrax vaccine label, which became public five weeks after the CDC study began. The new label clearly states that no animal experiments have ever been performed to determine the vaccine's effect on pregnancy.  What logic led both CDC and FDA to experiment on human fetuses in the complete absence of animal fertility data? How could pregnant females be used as guinea pigs, before any guinea pigs or mice were studied? "-----Dr. Meryl Nass, M.D.

"E-mails among high-ranking Pentagon supervisors amid a 1999 congressional inquiry of the anthrax vaccination program indicate the Department of Defense was exerting improper pressure on the manufacturer and the federal agency regulating the vaccine, says U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn."--E-mails Suggest Pentagon Pressured FDA On Anthrax Vaccine

"Our results strongly suggest that the production of anti-squalene antibodies is linked to symptoms of Gulf War illness and to the presence of squalene found in certain lots of anthrax vaccine.....human exposure to squalene in vaccines has been shown by others to cause immunological symptoms similar to those found in Gulf War illness patients. ......The absence of an association between the presence of Gulf War illness and deployment indicates that the causative agent or factor is not associated with the Persian Gulf. Consistent with this observation are the results of a recent epidemiological study finding that vaccinations that were given to both deployed and non-deployed personnel are associated with ill health. .......The presence of anti-squalene antibodies in ill people and the absence of the antibodies in healthy people is the first hard laboratory evidence that Gulf War illness is what some might refer to as a "real disease." ----Dr. Robert Garry