The Vaccination Conference 1997 (What Doctors Don’t Tell You, London )

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Gary Null Vaccine interviews on tape

Are Vaccines Really Safe—Gary Null tape 423

Viruses & The Body’s Immune System—Null interview with Dr Snead. Tape 7

The Link between HIV and vaccines—Dr Eva Snead & Dangers of Vaccines—Dr Harold Buttram---Null tape 697

Children & Vaccines—Neil Miller & Dr Buttram—Null tape 73

Do Vaccines Work—Dr Dean Black, author Immunisations, Compulsion or Choice?—Null tape 440

AIDS: Not By Accident—Dr Leonard Horowitz---Null tape 695

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The Influence of vaccines on violence & brain damage—Harris Coulter—Null tape 696


Laura Lee

Vaccines & AIDS: Dr Eva Snead—Laura Lee Productions


Vaccination Protection At What Price—Australian TV ABC Quantum Oct 1996


(Cancer Control Society, 2043 N. Berendo St, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Tel: 001 213 663 7801.)

Vaccination Deprogramming---Paul Borraccia---Tapeco Inc 98A304  (recommended)


BBC Radio 4 Face The Facts: Vaccine Damage June 1997