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Australian journalist wins prestigious award for exposing flu vaccine scandal

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MB Comment: Natasha Bita, a journalist for The Australian has just won a Walkley Award (the Australian equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize) for an in-depth article series on the CSL Afluria flu vaccine, a shot that caused convulsions in one percent of Australian infants who received it.

To put this vaccine scandal in perspective, the CDC states that ‘seizures can occur after vaccination,’ 33% of infants who have a first seizure will have more seizures and 10% of infants who have one seizure can develop epilepsy. According to the Merck Manual (the largest-selling medical textbook), seizures are a symptom of encephalitis, which the Merck Manual defines as a vaccine adverse reaction. Vaccine-induced encephalitis can leave a spectrum of permanent brain damage in its wake – post-encephalitic syndrome (aka epilepsy and autism). In other words, kids that have convulsions from Afluria can have lifelong neurological disabilities.

Incredibly, the defective CSL flu vaccine Afluria is still on the market in the US: FDA-approved and CDC-recommended. The only concession US vaccine authorities have made to this Afluria scandal is to raise the recommended age for this vaccine, but even that feeble response is colored by a direction to give Afluria to young kids anyway if no other flu vaccine is available.

This vaccinate-at-any-cost mentality displays the utter depravity of US vaccine authorities. They really don’t care about vaccine adverse reactions or the victims of defective vaccines. When vaccine regulators are so transparently irresponsible, it is up to individuals and families to defend their own health by rejecting the gung-ho vaccine recommendations of the CDC, FDA and medical profession.

This award is a smack in the face to asleep-at-the-wheel US journalists, who are being instructed by the National Press Foundation (at the behest of Seth Mnookin, Gates’ GAVI vaccine alliance and minions of Paul Offit) to censor all negative reports on vaccine issues and stick to big pharma’s and the CDC’s party line.

‘These articles were published in the face of hostility and stonewalling from the federal health department and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) …

Natasha Bita chipped away methodically and professionally at Australia’s questionable vaccine policy. Beginning with a story about an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine, she realised she was onto a bigger story. Her series was not only newsworthy, but of significant public benefit, and revealed the personal traumas behind the statistics.’


2011 Walkley Award winners

Natasha Bita, The Australian, “Virus in the system”

The Walkley Foundation and its custodian, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, congratulate all the winners of the 56th Annual Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

Last year, the federal government suspended the seasonal flu vaccine for young children after it triggered febrile convulsions in one per cent, resulting in dozens of hospitalisations and a possible death.

This suspension may not have taken place if not for Natasha Bita’s reporting of the health scandal and the flaws in the country’s system of approving and monitoring new medicines.

Government inquiries have since recommended major reform.

In a series of 23 articles for The Australian, including a 4600-word cover story in The Weekend Australian Magazine, Bita exposed manufacturing flaws at Australia’s biggest pharmaceutical company, CSL, as well as potential conflicts of interest between the government’s key immunisation advisers, and wastage at a cost to taxpayers of $65 million.

These articles were published in the face of hostility and stonewalling from the federal health department and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

After Bita’s front-page interview with a boy who contracted polio from a vaccine, the federal health minister said she was open to the idea of a compensation scheme for people suffering the side-effects of immunisation.

Bita is the consumer editor of The Australian, where she has worked since 1990. In 2007 she transferred to Europe, working as the London-based Olympics correspondent for the News Limited group of newspapers, and then as Italy correspondent for The Australian until her return to Brisbane in 2008.

Judges’ comments

Natasha Bita chipped away methodically and professionally at Australia’s questionable vaccine policy. Beginning with a story about an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine, she realised she was onto a bigger story. Her series was not only newsworthy, but of significant public benefit, and revealed the personal traumas behind the statistics.

You can read selections of Bita’s sustained coverage here, and here.

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21 Responses to Australian journalist wins prestigious award for exposing flu vaccine scandal

  1. Noreen Albright says:
    My son had an over active inflammatory reaction to the flu shot and was diagnosed 6 months later with Autism. He also had seizures, lost control of his tongue (so had difficulty eating and speaking) and balance and muscle control problems. They better listen up! The parents and others are on to them. I disregarded parents because the MEDICAL field told me they were “unfounded” only to have my PERSONAL experience of the same thing the parents truthfully spoke of and find out that NO ONE is responsible for the care of these kids who suffer their whole life with medical problems and all these hours upon hours of therapy. Government and pharma should pay and so should the FDA and CDC for being as bad as Phillip Morris. YES, vaccination can cause gene mutation and up the anty for Autism and turn on things in a young infant ARTIFICIALLY causing brain inflammation, interfering with connectivity and pruning of neurons and ultimately causing a cascade of problems.
  2. I also wrote a scathing article about the Swine Flu Scandal. I think you’ll enjoy it. Check it out on my website at: http://www.doctorsaputo.com/a/the-infection-deception-unanswered-deception-unanswered-questions-about-the-swine-flu-controversy

    Please enjoy and let me know what you think…smile

    Dr. Len

  3. Anthony Lucca says:
    Bill Gates was getting a tax passed at G20 meetings last month on every stock market trade and speculation called the Robin Hood tax to give the billions to fund his genetically modified food and vaccine investments for the poorest nations when we destroy more food than we consume thru the department of agriculture in order to control PROFIT~ Vaccines are bad for an infant’s immature neurological systems causing degeneration and destruction of life. If you are told it is mandatory to get vaccines tell them you want IN WRITING that there will be no detrimental effect from the vaccine or damage to the infants nervous system.
  4. tania says:
    I read it Dr Len, and i congratulate you and thank you for your info, particularly when people are saying I’m a whackjob and nutter for not vaccinating on stupid facebook groups where you have 50 know-it-alls with no medical background screaming at you. It’s good to know you have our back’s.TY TY TY/.
    • RaviK says:
      @tania, there are many FB pages that totally embrace your position and will congratulate you on your stand :) . You have been going to the ones who have the nutjobs in them who think vaccination is the same as immunization :)
    • petunia says:
      I’m with you tania, been there too- it’s so draining to have a million ignoramuses bleating about how irresponsible you are for not vaccinating, when you’ve read more widely than them on the issue!
    • Kathryn says:
      check out The Mother magazine!
      Promoting Natural Immunity, standing unapologetically against vaccination.
      You’ll feel right at home :-)
  5. vmv says:
    Congratulations to Natasha Bita–we need more journalists like her!
    Noreen Albright, my deepest empathy for you and your son, who has autism. I hope that you will tell as many people as possible about your own experience, including doctors and legislators. Maybe someday enough people will listen that things will change! Dr. Len, I plan to read your article. And also, I agree with Anthony Lucca.
    Also, I am concerned about the children in third world countries who are given vaccines. I’ve read that those vaccines still contain mercury.
  6. Katherine de Bry says:
    It is so good to see someone being heard, when they are questioning the SACRED VACCINATION LOBBY. Recently I heard an interview on the radio by someone from the teachers federation, stating that they have had a 400% increase in autism in the last 8 years…Why are there no alarm bells ringing??? Could it be that Vaccinating babies at 3 days old , with 5 or 6 different could cause their imune systems into overdrive????
  7. nikkii says:
    they actually made up certain virus – its a way of creating fear and mass purchase of medical supplies thus increasing the economy to the pharma bank accounts.. Drs are Dangerous because they fail to warn the patient of the dangers of vaccinations but they are all too quick to tell you to quit smoking..
  8. Jeff Mann says:
    NY Times is shocked! to learn of pharma companies bribing doctors? Come on guys, having a parent who wrote for the Washington Post for 27 years up until the last decade, she would not have been shocked or even surprised-10 years ago, much less five when she was given the last pharmaceudical which destroyed her immune-system and thus her chances at survival! The fact of this matter is that the pharmaceudical industry,yes I know spelling is off, is and has been engaged in radical shifts in their policies toward immunizations recently, and most whom are paying attention realize this is part of the globalist agenda gearing toward controlling population, and in future whom actually are able to breed, its called “Eugenics” look it up, a last ditch effort from the so-called elite before their services are no longer required!
  9. val lawrence says:
    Thank you, so glad to see real journalism.
  10. Gina says:
    Does anyone know at what age when the fear of your child getting autism is reached? My son is 5 and healthy with no autism symptoms.
    • Steve says:
      Gina, considering there are syndromes known as “post Gardisil Vaccine syndrome”–there truly is NO safe age to inject Neurotoxins into the human body….
  11. Stuart says:
    This is great! Now maybe finally the Truth will start to surface. Someone who has written several papers on vaccines as well as made documentaries and devoted much time on his show interviewing experts is Gary Null. Check out GaryNull.com and Progressive Radio Network (prn.fm) – Gary Null Show.
  12. Here is the #1 article on my blog – A closer look at the flu shot


    I put it together for the college news paper & it got pulled just before it went to press. All 4 doctors I quoted in the article were “discredited” by our advisor.

    She told me that I would have to redo the article & show the plus side of the flu shot also to show both sides. I told her that you don’t hear about the negative stuff on the mainstream media sites. She then proceeded to discredit me & that my 20+ years as an independent researcher meant nothing.

    I resigned from the paper a few weeks later. It turned into a hostile work environment that I just couldn’t deal with anymore. It was too stressful.

  13. Danielle says:
    Have heard nothing of this in Australia!!
  14. Kenny says:
    ABC radio yesterday had immunization professor on knocking 50% rates even in the rich suburbs….why does it still have lead in it ?….this award is empty media hates truth…poor girl get out of the industry all are sell out cowards owned by oil Gods they worship….what is agenda 21 ?
  15. Penny Fidler says:
    Is there any way we can contact Natasha to thank her personally for her great work… I dont see her on FaceBook?
  16. J.Sloat says:
    Check out this link regarding Natasha Campbell-McBride as she explains the link between Autism, the gut, and vaccines…Her information has filled in a lot of the pieces that the medical profession is totally missing: