Parents Are Very Aware Of This New Epidemic
       [This is authored by Bill Welsh, chairman of Action Against Autism, in
 Glasgow, Scotland.]
       The chief medical officer is quite rightly concerned about a possible
 measles epidemic (September 1). He should be, as his policy of "MMR or
 nothing" will guarantee just such an eventuality. As a result of his
 wrongheaded approach children may die from measles, a preventable disease,
 not because of parents acting irresponsibly, but because they, the parents,
 are very aware that a new epidemic is sweeping the western world. An
 epidemic of regressive autism. The vaccination programme, particularly the
 MMR with three live viruses, is considered by many to be the chief suspect
 in this unwanted development. The introduction of single vaccines as a
 choice would of course immediately ameliorate the matter; however, the
 mandarins in health continue to demonstrate that arrogance and obstinacy are
 key players in their smug, publicly-funded world.
       The Scottish Executive's education statistics reveal that autism, once
 rare, is now more common than all other serious childhood conditions
 combined. Last year in Scotland there was a 32% increase in the numbers of
 autistic children entering the school system, and this follows an almost 20%
 increase in the previous year. Dr Armstrong, the chief medical officer,
 offers no plausible explanation for this catastrophic change. Dr John
 Garner, chairman of the British Medical Association (Scotland), waxes
 lyrical about a Finnish study, the authors of which have admitted its
 irrelevance in terms of this debate.
       A series of epidemiological studies have been produced by the
 pharmaceutical giants as proof of MMR safety, many of these studies are
 contradictory and all of them are at best inconclusive. Meanwhile, in
 Scotland, on average three children a week, every week for the past 11
 years, have been diagnosed as autistic. A once rare condition is now common.
 Doctors Armstrong and Garner would prefer to air-brush out the uncomfortable
 facts about the rise in autism but the children exist and that is proof that
 parents are correct in deciding against MMR. Until it can be clearly
 established what is causing the autism "epidemic", single vaccines as a
 choice must be introduced.