Kasper Blond, MD, FICS
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Kasper Blond, MD, FICS, world famed cancer specialist, says: "Certain liver function tests are a more reliable indication of pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions than biopsies. These tests indicating a disordered function of the liver are not specific for cancer and are present in all chronic nutritional disorders as well. . . An increase of the fasting blood sugar over 90 mg% is always a sign of a pre-cancerous disorder. The number of tests indicating that cancer is a general disease is constantly increasing and no scientist today can seriously consider cancer as a local disease.

   If a patient has less than 10 mg% of Vitamin C in his blood, one is justified in suspecting cancer.

   "Supporters of the early diagnosis of cancer do not realize that the appearance of a local tumor occurs at a very late phase in the course of the cancer disease.

   "Anyone who has studied the results of correct feeding of the cancer patient must be impressed by the number of chemical blood-changes in the course of the disease."

Max Gerson, in his book A Cancer Therapy, states that restoration of the liver is the real goal in fighting cancer. He quotes Dr Kasper Blond of Vienna, an Austrian surgeon, "Cancer is a mutation of somatic tissues caused by chronic damage of the liver." In other words, cancer is a symptom of a malfunctioning liver.
    In his book, The Liver And Cancer, Dr Blond claims that the liver is the gateway to disease: "No other stimulus is necessary [for the growth of cancer] than a metabolic toxin which has not passed the liver filter or has not been neutralized owing to liver failure." He also states, "Cancer of the lung is not caused by nicotine, but by the alimentary toxins having bypassed the liver filter." Need we mention Mickey Mantel, who was diagnosed with lung cancer while awaiting a liver transplant?

by KASPER BLOND (Hardcover - 1940)
Secrets of the Liver 1955

Breast cancer: "The cause of death is slowly increasing liver failure."

Spontaneous cures: "If you could get your liver to regenerate a cancer can disintegrate without an operations--and disappear."  (302 cures reported.)

Lung cancer: "A smoker with a healthy liver will hardly become a victim of lung cancer."