Over the span of a year, Danny Ellis recieved all of these vaccines.  He
was age 23, going on a trip to Malaysia with buddies, after graduating
from college.  He died after the trip -- of cancer. 

     10-16-95     Hepatitis B Vaccine
     11-22-95     Hepatitis B Vaccine
       1-02-96     TB - Intradermal
       1-02-96     Hepatitis A Vaccine
      1-02-96     Poliovirus Vaccine, Live Oral
      1-02-96     DT Vaccine
      1-10-96     Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine
      1-10-96     Typhoid Vaccine
      3-18-96     Japaneses Encephalitis Vaccine
      5-13-96     Hepatitis A Vaccine
      5-13-96     Hepatitis B Vaccine; 20 Years and Over
      5-13-96     Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine
    11-27-96     Influenza Virus Vaccine
    11-27-96     Hepatitis A Vaccine