The Change Up
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Duplessis, Nicolas   Satanic Secrets of Hollywood’s A-List & Warner Bros’ Initiations  If we look at the film, The Change Up, with Jason Bateman, we see that two buddies are pissing at a fountain statue and this statue switches their souls into the other’s body.  This is classic demonic possession and the female statue in that film is actually lillith or Adam’s first wife, who is considered the mother of demons according to the Jewish Mystical Tradition....So in the film, Change Up, we see Jason Bateman, leave his wife & kids to go hang out with his best friend, they end up not only at a fountain statue of Lillith but they also urinate into the water, which is clearly a Satanic Ritual on film because they are making a request, in front of lillith and also giving her their body fluids.  There are two scenes in this film that show this ritual and this is a perfect example at how Hollywood and media can teach one about Satanic Worship without the viewer even knowing what they are looking at on screen.