Novartis Pharmaceuticals Flu vaccine racket

Defective Novartis flu vaccine pulled from global markets, except the US

Posted on by The Refusers

MB comment: European and Canadian health authorities are concerned enough about the defective Novartis flu vaccine to remove it from the market, but US health officials are asleep at the wheel.

If you still think the FDA and CDC are there to protect the US vaccine consumer, think again. They serve their masters, the pharmaceutical industry. Another indication of that sad fact is – Afluria, the CSL flu vaccine that causes seizures is still on the US market.

It started in Italy, spread to France and Germany and now it is Canada. The defective Novartis flu vaccine is too risky for health authorities to keep on the market – except in the US.

Novartis says its vaccine sold in the US is safe. We’ll see about that.

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