Dr John Beard and the The Unitarian Trophoblastic Theory

by  Dr Duffy DC

Here is the truth about cancer and the truth about fact #1. Dr John Beard of Scotland discovered the cause of all cancers and published a paper on The Unitarian Trophoblastic Theory of cancer in 1902. Cancer, while having multifactorial stimuli that will cause the process of the initial replication of the undifferentiated cell, has in fact, one root cause - a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes. Everything else associated, "goes along for the ride" so to speak.

 John Beard stated, and later proved clinically, that cancer was the result of failure of the Pancreas to produce proper amounts of pancreatic enzymes. He stated that cells left over from embryonic development of the fetus are scattered throughout our bodies and later in life are occasionally stimulated to begin reproducing. [by some local stimulant such as environmental poison, drug, food, injury etc.] It is the job of pancreatic enzymes to digest these cells the moment they begin to multiply.

 In the absence or deficiency of pancreatic enzymes, these primitive cells begin to multiply and the result is cancer, the rapid, uncontrolled growth of undifferentiated cells.

 As a result of Beard's announcement, which was promptly rejected by his peers, there soon [by 1911] were forty clinics in London, England curing cancer using crude pancreatic enzymes -however Madam Curie came along and convinced people that Xray was the way to go because it was so "safe" and "effective" and the pancreatic cancer cure was quickly forgotten for several decades.

 In the absence or deficiency of Pancreatic enzymes, Sympathetic dominant patients will end up with solid tumors in brain, pancreas, stomach, liver etc., Parasympathetic dominants will end up with the "soft" blood related cancers. The Sympathetic dominants need a more vegetarian based diet, the Parasympathetics need a more meat based/animal protein diet.

 The trophoblast cells of pregnancy are typical cancer cells that eat into the uterine lining to prepare the nest. These cells are eventually turned off when the fetal pancreas turns on, otherwise the cancer of pregnancy ensues and kills the mother and baby very quickly. This was the key to Beard's discovery of the link between cancer and pancreatic insufficiency - the fact that in every specie he investigated, it was the turn on of the pancreas that coincided with the end of growth of the trophoblast cells of pregnancy. Trophoblast cells of pregnancy are exactly like cancer cells. Based upon his theory an early cure of a sarcoma was effected by one of his MD friends who injected the pancreatic enzymes - they believed, [incorrectly] that the enzymes needed to be injected because digestion would inactivate them. This is not true, pancreatic enzymes survive digestion and go on to digest cancer cells in the body, [fortunately for us].

 Another Beard [Howard] came along and devised the HcG "Anthrone test" to measure female

hormone in the urine. The test is based upon the fact that trophoblast cells of pregnancy, like all cancer cells, excrete HcG. Back in the early seventies these tests were performed on males and females. If you showed the hormone in the urine you were considered to be either a pregnant female or a male or female with cancer. 

Howard Beard jokingly stated at the Cancer Control Society seminar back in the seventies that

he had some tumors in his bowel and when they got too big he would stop eating donuts and go back on his pancreatic enzymes to shrink the tumors back down. Back then Laetrile, vitamin B17, was being directly injected into the veins of cancer patients as part of the cure but the nutritional cure rate was only about one third - due to the mistaken idea that everyone needed a vegetarian diet and needed to avoid animal protein.

 William Donald Kelley, a dentist from Grapevine, Texas, cured himself of pancreatic cancer in the sixties and went on to develop the present nutritionally based, do-it-yourself home cure for cancer which is probably over ninety per cent effective in patients who have not been overly destroyed by chemotherapy and orthodox treatments.

 Noone need die of cancer. However, it is a full time job to cure yourself of cancer. The cause and cure are known and at hand. It has been developed by Kelley over the last thirty years. Instructions to follow are on my website. www.duffyslaw.com

 While I am at it here this morning let me add one more thing. The literature abounds with nonsense about viruses and how they "cause" all sorts of disease processes and do all sorts of strange and destructive things. Get this point - no virus has life, the minimum requirement of which is metabolism and reproduction which requires a cell wall or at the very least, a membrane. For life to exist there must be the ability to take in energy, metabolize it, and then store the energy in a form of information that will allow reproduction of the thing that is "DOING" the metabolizing and reproducing. Therefore, since no virus has the power of metabolism and reproduction, no virus can "DO" anything. The virus is "DONE TO" by sick cells. A sick cell will produce a "bad" virus. A sick cell might even allow a virus entry into its domain. The cell will then "DO" all the "DOING" that is "DONE" - because the virus - not having any life, cannot "do" anything - a lot of otherwise intelligent men have been led  down the path by all this junk science being generated in labs around the country, most of it at taxpayers expense. What we need to do as quickly as possible is, get these people off the dole and get their hands out of the public till. We need to start denying tax money to pursue these stupid projects - and we need to get big government OUT OF THE MEDICAL BUSINESS!!! 

Keep in mind that modern medicine has not cured a single degenerative disease. NOT ONE!!! every degenerative disease that has ever been cured has been cured by an essential food factor - not a prescription drug - and every single degenerative disease is caused by either an environmental poison, most of which are introduced into our environment by medical quacks and quack scientists or by malnutrition.

 Not one single degenerative disease ever suffered by a human was due to a deficiency in a prescription drug.

 William Donald Kelley describes the approach in his momentous book with the extremely humble and deceiving title of "One Answer To Cancer", indeed - it is the ONLY answer to cancer in my studied [over fifty years] opinion.

Dr Daniel H Duffy Sr

Geneva, Ohio


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