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From: Daniel H Duffy Sr.
Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002 7:49 AM

I am in receipt of a letter concerning public action on vaccines.

The letter points out the manner in which unelected officials in government bureacracies begin to rob the citizen of his fundamental rights and freedoms.  It should be immediately recognized as such.

Those people attempting to force ANY type of compulsory or mandatory medical technique of ANY type other than quarantine for a short period of time [a necessity unlikely ever to occur] i.e., CDC, NIH, etc should be recognized as criminals and treated as such. They are violating the constitutionally guaranteed rights of citizens and are in violation of the principles laid down at Nuremberg over fifty years ago.

We must stop indulging in polite conversations with these people, they are NOT scientists, they are on the public dole and they are robbing us of our tax monies to support their nefarious roles in government, to wit, to support organized medicine and the pharmaceutical interests.

There is no such thing as a safe vaccine. The fact that this is so easily established from the historical record magnifies the terrible force with which we must reckon.

No vaccine ever prevented, ameliorated or cured any disease as the record, when properly interpreted or re-interpreted proves.

Every vaccine is a form of Russian Roulette and vaccination must be placed in the closet of medical quackery along with the rest of the drug driven nonsense of the 20th century.

Until reasonable men come to this conclusion the vaccine makers and drug makers will continue to hold sway.

They are NOT scientists, they are QUACKS. The real problem is that when someone, such as I, stands up and identifies them as such, I [WE] are considered the quacks. That exemplifies how far down the road we are and how difficult it is going to be finally extricate them.

You must ask yourself, wherein lies the quackery of the ESTABLISHMENT today? Keeping in mind that EVERY age has its own peculiar form of ESTABLISHMENT quackery and that this age is NO exception to THAT rule.

I have studied the vaccine situation since first vaccinated at my induction into the military in 1947. I spent the next 21 years avoiding my next vaccination and I very carefully investigated the effects of vaccination. I can tell you that it is the worst horror story imaginable and no one, not even the anti-vaccinationists have the slightest clue as to exactly how horrible that story is.

Daniel H Duffy Sr DC
Small town family doctor, 30 years.
Retired Air Force Officer 21 years.