Ebola From Dr. Duffy:

From an article by Marilyn Chase of the Wall Street Journal 

The hemorrhagic fever called Ebola is another of the virus myths being used by government medical quacks to bilk the public of tax funds and to keep the tax money flowing into the CDC/NIH.

Over the entire world, for the past 26 years, Ebola has allegedly claimed only 1000 victims [the death rate is 80%]. The big lie is that Ebola was first seen in 1976. The fact is that hemorrhagic fever is probably as old as Africa.

1000 victims over 26 years worldwide shouldn't attract anyone's attention and should be proof enough to anyone with common sense that the investigation of such a rare condition has little to do with the public health. It's rarity also proves that it could not possibly be caused by a critter capable of producing an "infectious" disease.

Only a fool in a white lab coat, working at taxpayer expense would waste time on such a project. Hemorrhagic fevers have been known throughout history, there is nothing new about Ebola except the name.  

And keep in mind that not one single degenerative disease has ever cured by a prescription drug and not one single epidemic disease has ever been prevented, cured or even ameliorated by a vaccine.

A virus named Marburg is the culprit in Ebola. This little critter, allegedly "attacks" fat platforms called “lipid rafts”  that float on top of the membranes of cells. That's odd?? Since a virus is not alive [not one single virus has "life" or ever was "alive"] how in the world can it "do" anything, much less "attack" something? The promoter of that outlandish scientific garbage is Eric Freed of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the NIH in Bethesda.

The medical quacks at the NIH are great siphoners of hard earned tax money and tireless inventors of highly profitable [for themselves and the drug lords] quack remedies. AIDS is one of their greatest achievements - thousands have succumbed and given their lives unnecessarily based on that myth.

Another partner of Greed in the white collar criminal activities of government sponsored, tax supported quacks is Gary J Nabel of the Vaccine Research Center at NIAID who is actually reported by the WSJ and MSNBC as “partnering” with Vical Inc. of San Diego to produce a vaccine for the Ebola nonsense. "Partnering" with a vested interest? That's a strange word for a situation involving a government researcher allegedly working for the public good!

How can the public protect themselves against such fraudulent, dangerous, criminal activity when investigative journalists fail to expose these shenanigans?

Chase quotes Dr Nabel as saying that people are waiting with “bated breath” for a drug or vaccine against Ebola, a disease that claimed less than 40 a year worldwide for 26 years. If Dr Nabel actually uttered the "bated breath" quote, he is not only a fool but a colossal liar.

Write and call your representatives....protest this ridiculous, fraudulent, quack activity.