I have removed all ID from this post that was forwarded to me..
Our son developed eczema after his first shots which worsened after
his second... There is no history of eczema in our family.


>> My nephew has just gotten eczema around his ears -- a few months after
>>receiving different vaccinations. It's my understanding that the DPT shot
>>has mercury in it? Do you think there is a connection?

>>My son, too, developed eczema after his shots...that's a lot better than
>>my friend's daughter who was permanently brain damaged from it! They
>>believe, as do i, Hg was the culprit again...when will we ever learn?!
>>Good Luck all!

>>I developed eczema after a thimerosal preserved tetanus vaccine when I
>>was 15 years old. The eczema continued until my early 20's. I also had
>>nightly fevers for a couple of months after that vaccine.
>>Nothing that I did worked, including all sorts of allergy treatment and
>>steroid creams. It eventually went away on it its own about
>>a year or two after I quit using contact lens solutions containing

>>I went through eczema as a kid too....amalgam removal and detox
>>sure has helped me...
>>N received the Hep b in the hosp. He developed eczema
>>right after his tetramune shot at around 2 1/2 months. This was DTP and
>>Hib together. I don't believe they even use it any more. The eczema was
>>controllable and he was able to eat most everything. It was after his
>>MMR that he went haywire. He developed chronic diarrhea and became
>>allergic/sensitive to everything. He became gluten intolerant. His
>>eczema became out of control. We finally have it some what under control
>>with his strict regiment of environmental control, strict rotated diet,
>>supplements etc. It has not been fun, as I can not stray one bit with
>>out problems.

>> My 23 month old daughter got her first case of rash 5 days
>>after her last vacinations at 18 month. This was before the rash was
>>diagnosed a month later by a dermatologist as eczema and back then I thought
>>she had an allergic reaction to the vacince.

>> My son had a loss of muscle tone with his first MMR shot but also
>>has some other classic Hg indicators...learnig disabilities, ADD
>>type syptoms, eczma,high HG indicators in hair analysis, photo
>>sensitive, poorly co-ordinated, sugar craving, ongoing food alergies having
>>had a very serious anaphalactic reaction to nuts.
>> His mother had amalgams re worked during the pregnancy, has some extreme
>>Hg indicators in hair analysis and Hg indicators of her own.
>>She also breast fed for 2 years.

>>My now 8 year old son have horrible flaky itchy red inflamed eczema
>>all over his body for almost 3 years. Tried everything.
>>T is 4 months old and his whole body is covered with eczema. His
>>face is the worst, all open and weeping. He developed it one month ago,
>>about a week after his first set of vaccinations. I'm currently using
>>atarax, cutivate, bactroban, and domeboro on him. It kills me to be putting
>>all these chemicals on his tiny infant body. When I was at his doctor's
>>yesterday she wanted to give him his second set of vaccinations (DPT,
>>polio,Hep) but I refused to consent. I hadn't yet read the list postings
>>about the dangers of mercury but I had a bad feeling
>>about assaulting his body with anymore than he's already taking. The
>>doc finally agreed to postpone his shots until his follow-up visit
>>next week.
>>I'm so glad I made her wait. At least now I know to ask for
>>mercury-free vaccines.
>>I know how hard it can be having a little one 17 months old who has eczema.
>>A never sleeps at night. We may get a few hours but that is all. It
>>is so overwhelming that we are selling our home so I don't have to work. I
>>haven't worked much since her birth so it really isn't an option at this
>>point. The eczema has changed our lives so much. Some nights I just cry
>>from all the pressure. I feel so bad for A to be itching so horribly.
>>I love her and wouldn't trade her for anything but I thought it would get
>>better. It is just so difficult.

>>I can relate to your post so much! B sleeps but he wakes up a
>>couple times in the night and I have to be on itch patrol until he goes
>>back to sleep. And now spring is coming
>>followed by a long, hot, humid, itchy summer. And with that comes the
>>hunt for pajamas that are cool but will give him limited access to skin
>>to tear up. *sigh* I've thought about running an air conditioner in
>>the kids room but then you get the dry air. urgh. Can't win for losing
>>with this thing. Dh and I are talking about having another baby, but I
>>don't know if I can handle a newborn and B. Much less the
>>possibility of another one having E.
>>Sorry for another long vent!

>> I know what you're saying about how B will start to
>>realize what people are saying about him. When J started
>>Kindergarten, he began to realize that people were looking at him
>>because of his eczema. It broke my heart.
>>We still must sell as I have not been able to work since she was
>>born due to lack of sleep. I also don't trust a daycare to watch
>>my daughter close enough. I am afraid she will come home a bloody
>>mess. I watch her like a hawk so that she doesn't scratch herself.
>>I try to put Vaseline on her or rub her skin for her. I also bathe
>>her with baking soda in the water to help when she is red and rashy.
>>It seems to help by removing the allergen from her skin. Her worst
>> spots are on her legs, feet, hands, wrists and the back
>>of her neck. This points to contact allergens, I think.
>>It's funny that you have brought up the mercury as I have a lot of fillings
>>in my teeth. I have breast fed her and still do just at nap
>>and night time. My teeth must have been missing some of the enamel as
>>I one time had 17 cavities and we went every 6 months to the dentist.
>>I did brush my teeth but probably didn't floss very much. I remember
>>getting in trouble for the cavities but I didn't feel it was my fault.
>> I must really have mercury overload. I have a lot of allergies to
>>many things when I was around 10. I used to be covered by hives all
>>over my body. It was unbearable.

>>Actually, I have a son and a daughter who have eczema. My son had his shots
>>until 6 months. I haven't given any vaccinations since then.
>>His eczema was pretty mild until he was about 3 or 4 months old and
>>it has gotten progressively worse. My daughter is 8 and has had all
>> of her shots. Her eczema was bad after she was a year old.
>>My son has LGS. He developed it after his MMR vaccine. (Which of course
>>contains Mercury.)
>> Again I will say there is no known safe levels of mercury. I believe that
>>there is a figure some Doctors may think is 'ok' but this level is passed
>>after a child today receives all his/her shots. I have been reading about
>>for almost a year now, in my spare time. (ha-ha:)
>>I do not think Mercury is the sole reason for developing eczema for
>>every child. I do believe that if you inject any amount of mercury in to
>>a 'allergic' child, you are asking for trouble. This is my opinion, and
>>every parent has to read and form their own.

>>I am astonished to know that mercury is used as a preservative in vaccines.
>>That is a very scary thought. Typical of western medicine though.