Hepatitis C recovery using only Natural healing tools

Jeanine London - Apr 3, 2003 2:57 pm  

I recoverd after 28 years with HCV, after reaching end stage, using only Natural healing tools. I did not use drugs, or have a transplant.

In the last three years I have shared my story with thousands of people and helped dozens to regain their health, safely, naturally, without Pharmaceutical poisons.

We have been increasingly assaulted by the Pharms, & their minions posing as HCV+ on support forums funded by the Pharms. We have been attacked with computer virus, spam email campaigns to prevent us from receiving contacts from true HCV+ in search of help, and outright lible.

We recently launched The Hep C Help Awareness Modification Project, (THCHAMP) to document natural recovery from HCV, to educate the HCV+ in natural recovery & to expose the Pharm lies about ineffective treatments which destroy the human body.

Since announcing THCHAMP, the Pharm campaigns against us have been relentless and we have been forced to restrict our forum to protect our members. We are flattered & encouraged to see thier reaction and their fear, and to receive threats of legal action, etc. I believe this speaks volumes about the effects we, and orgs. like this are having as we educate people and empower them with knowledge to stand up against the propaganda & fraud. To date, Hep C Help has cost the medcial Industry over a million dollars in lost customer profits, a drop in the bucket really, but enough to get their attention.

Sickofdoctors.com has been a great resource for us, and we thank everyone responsible for this work.

I would like to invite anyone with HCV to share thier experiences with THCHAMP and help us to demonstrate the healing power of nature, to establish clinical evidence of the efficacy of natural treatments and expose the fraud behind Pharmaceutical treatments.

There are 9x more HCV+ than HIV/AIDS world-wide. 80% of chronic HCV+ will die from HCV...with or without drug treatments, regardless of Pharm stats.

Please visit us at www.hepchelp.homestead.com/THCHAMP.html  for more information. If your group or organization is interested in holding a Free seminar, please contact us.

Peace, Jeanine