Case 1.

I had a visit in March 1981 from Benoit D, born in 1977 in the Valais (one of the Swiss cantons). At the age of 4 months he had a seriious case of bronchitis and was treated with Clamoxyl, a popular antibiotic. This vigorous treatment didn’t improve his health, quite the contrary, since his general condition deteriorated rapidly and catastrophically. The bouts of bronchitis followed each other relentlessly and became complicated by a false croup. From his 5th to his 24th month the child was ‘fed on Clamoxyl’ (his mother’s expression), and to no avail. The paediatrician decided on hospitalization and the identical treatment continued in the hospital. After all, why change? Isn’t this antibiotic therapy the summum of the healing art? Shortly following his return home the first relapse occurred more bronchitis and blow after blow of the medical hammer. At 2 1/2 years the child was a mere shadow and couldn’t tolerate anything. A decision to operate (something had to be done!) was taken, and the specialist removed the adenoids. The bronchitis stopped, but not the colds, which became more and more severe with high fever and extreme fatigue. Naturally the paediatrician intervened brilliantly each time with his Clamoxyl. But nature has its limits, even for this robust little boy.

His white blood cell counts began to lack. The inspired paediatrician decided to swap hammers and prescribed Bactrim. There was no reaction and the child was admitted to intensive care from which he emerged 15 days later, out of danger, but still not cured. Bronchitis then reappeared, Clamoxyl was administered at each new alert, freeing the doctor from his rnedical responsibility but the child that I then had before me was no longer a child. It was a poor silent thing, a shadow, a caricature. What would his future life be? The parents anxiously waited each relapse and the white cell count stubbornly refused to improve.

What could I do for this little boy? The answer is easy. I quite simply changed his destiny by doing my normal work as a doctor. First the diagnosis: it leaps out at you. The boy was suffering from an enormous imbalance in his vital energy. Why? Because the imbalance had been created. By what? By the following disturbing sequence of events: BCG (tuberculosis) vaccination at birth severe bronchitis at 4 months Clamoxyl DiTePerPol vaccination (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio) vaccination Clamoxyl booster DTPP Glamoxyl DTPP Clamoxyl Glamoxyl Glamoxyl Clamoxyl Clamoxyl surgical operation Bactrim mumps measles vaccination Clamoxyl Clamoxyl Clamoxyl ... And in all this series the only shock that occurred naturally was the mumps. Everything else was iatrogenic. How could I re-establish the balance? By erasing the immaterial traces of these shocks one at a time, following the reverse chronological order.

First I removed the traces of the antibiotics and the surgical operation with isotherapy and the appropriate homoeopathic remedies. The reaction was a severe cold. In April I erased the artificial measles with the measles nosode called Morbillinum. The reaction was a temperature of 104F and a face as red as a beetroot. At the end of May I removed the ghost of the mumps with the nosode Parotidinum and in mid July, the four DTPP vaccinations with their respective nosodes. At the end of August I dealt the final blow with the nosode for the terrible BCG vaccination, which was probably the cause of the entire disaster in the first place.

I saw the child again in September. A miracle had taken place! He had regained a healthy complexion and was at last eating; he had a more expansive character and his little friends allowed him to play with them. His vital energy was back on a harmonious course. He was cured! I saw him three more times over the following year to fortify his basic constitution, and he has not been seriously ill since then. His three brothers went through the same treatment to remove the same iatrogenic problems as his and here we now have a whole family that won’t be easily fooled again by the allopathic doctors and their chemicals.