Stephan Lanka  Dr. Karl Krafeld

AIDS - HIV - Vaccination - Dr. Stefan Lanka and Karl Krafeld (Germany) UPDATE 2009-2

Dr. Lanka and Dr. Krafeld have debunked the AIDS,  HIV, Virus and Germ theory to be a complete treason

I ask that you research the proceedings in the city of BAUTZEN, Germany where Dr. Karl Krafeld was sentenced unjustly without parole for 3 months for investigating, uncovering and pursuing information behind the unjust, illegal FORCE VACCINATION that is being developed in Germany and further around the world along with the WTO,CDC Gesundheitsämte in Germany along with the WTO and UN.|-Erschienen-in-2011/05072011-justiz-in-bautzen-will-einen-von-uns-illegal-verurteilen.html

My Best Translation.

Sentencing for 3 months on 05.07.2011 against Dr. Karl Krafeld without parole was given from Judge Dr. Dirk Hertle in the city of Bautzen. This was a deliberate attack on the fundamental german law. The hearing was public and Dr. Stefan Lanka and Christoph Hannemann were present.

The illegal sentencing was then challenged by Christoph Hannemann in a complaint filed against the Office of the Judge Hertle, in which the vice president of Bautzen State Judiciary Carmen Becker answered back. Expressed that citizens could not do anything about the sentence because the conduct of the proceedings were subjected to judicial / magisterial autonomy.

Proceedings are barely handled independently in which Judge Hertle is not autonomous to any proceeding. Therefore, every act, every case of justice that Dr. Judge Dirk Hertle enforced and carried out is illegal. The Vice President in which the proceeding lawsuit took effect commented that no one could do anything about it because the case was subjected under judicial / magisterial autonomy.

Christopher Hannemann wrote Carmen Becker delcaring a statement saying: The Judiciary of Bautzen is of the opinion that when a Judge breaks or bends the law, no one could do anything about it, because it appears the Judge is acting independently from the law and therefore the public is not allowed to make a complain.

Vice president Carmen Becker wrote and commented with "absurd interpretation" and admonished once again from her previous declaration that I was referring to. Therefore she declared also my conclusion while she at the same time showed as unfounded, and absurd.

Over Christopher Hannemann's question whether her declaration is allowed to be diffused, she did not answer back.

The 4 letters for the public to comprenhend. As PDF files. Christoph Hubert Hannemann.

There is more to be said, for now publish this information as it is now widely known, the force-vaccination procedures being implemented in the Western World today are all based on false proof that viruses, germs exist and vaccination is necessary for the population. These treasons, lies, deciets and creations are rooted out of Germany and France and other regions.