Letter to Daily Express June 2000

TODAY May 30th, my one and only grandson will be 27. Perhaps ordinarily he could be married by now with children of his own. Unfortunately life cannot be ordinary for Marc as in November 1973 when he was five months of age he had his second whooping cough vaccination. Forty-eight hours later he started fitting and was rushed to hospital where he was baptised as he was not expected to live. Twelve hours later he was deemed to have suffered neurological damage of up to 80 per cent. His parents received 10,000 six years after this, not as compensation because no one would admit that the vaccination may have caused the fits, and the fits caused his brain damage. He is doubly incontinent, blind, completely non-ambulant and fed through a tube. His parents adore him and it is their care which maintains him, but they have had no life whatsoever -everything they do must be geared to Marc. His siblings too have suffered through all the attention given to their brother. Through your campaign, maybe some help will emerge from the wilderness in which people like this have been put, through no fault of their own. Mrs JE Sparrow, Ashford. Kent

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