Post mortem   Vaccine deaths

March on Brussels for freedom of vaccination

Kris Gaublomme, MD
Oude Baan 373
3630 Maasmechelen
Tel 0475 650471

Dear friends,

as you already may have heard, in two days, on Friday January 20th, a "white
march" on Brussels has been organised by Raphael Sirjacobs and his wife
Béatrice Dupont, whose daughter Stacy recently died after vaccination.  The
parents wanted to know, or prove, the real cause of her death, but were
denied a post mortem...
In result, they organised this manifestation, leaving at Brussels south
railway station on Friday at 11.30 am.

Please help them to make this manifestation a success by
- sending your support messages to them at ;
- organising some sort of manifestation at the same time in your own
- informing your national press about this event.

We call for freedom of vaccination and the right for complete information.
Please join us in this call.

For more information: