Message posted by nandrea on Wednesday, 6 March 2002, at 7:45 p.m.

When my sister and i were younger in the late 70's (we are 26 & 24) we were given the measles jab (not MMR, not in use nationally then) and we both were diagnosed as partially deaf not long afterwards. My mum is convinced it is to do with the jab and as i now have a son we are naturally very concerned more so since we found out that the strain of measles used then is still in use as part of the MMR. The director of public health in the north is looking into our case and admits we have a case to look at. He has so far not got back to me although my son should have had the jab last September. I have heard of one other person who completely lost their hearing due to the jab )i don't know where she was from but she was in her 20's too). I was just wondering whether anyone here had any similar experience or knows of anyone who has - any information would be greatly appreciated.

Andrea ( )