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[1998] Weibel et al Acute Encephalopathy Followed by Permanent Brain Injury or Death Associated With Further Attenuated Measles Vaccines: A Review of Claims Submitted to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program  A total of 48 children, ages 10 to 49 months, met the inclusion criteria after receiving measles vaccine, alone or in combination. Eight children died, and the remainder had mental regression and retardation, chronic seizures, motor and sensory deficits, and movement disorders.

High dose Edmonston Zagreb (EZ) measles vaccine
Vitamin A & child mortality citations

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A 5-year-old boy, with a history of fever beginning 15 days after a vaccination for measles, developed a rigid-akinetic syndrome 3 days after the fever began. A spinal tap obtained 1 week after the onset of fever showed pleocytosis with a monocellular pattern. A CT scan of the head and EEG did not disclose any abnormality. An MRI performed 3 months after the event, however, showed clear-cut evidence of bilateral substantia nigra lesions, suggesting secondary gliosis. The response to levodopa was good, but adverse reactions appeared early. The child is now 7 years old. Bromocriptine, deprenyl, and levodopa have produced a remarkable improvement of the parkinsonian features.
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Immunization of mice with a number of live virus vaccines (poliovaccine, smallpox vaccine, measles vaccine) given consecutively at 14-day intervals resulted in increased frequency of chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow cells of the animals after the completion of the entire vaccination course (14 and 30 days after the last vaccination). Measles vaccine and, particularly, smallpox vaccine exert a significant harmful effect on the karyotype of the bone marrow cells. The effect on the chromosomes of the vaccines given consecutively differs somewhat from the individual effect of each of them.
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Garenne M, et al.     Child mortality after high-titre measles vaccines: prospective study in Senegal. Lancet. 1991 Oct 12;338(8772):903-7. PMID: 1681265; UI: 92016868.
Child mortality after immunisation was significantly higher in the two groups which received high-titre vaccines than in the group given the standard vaccine. The relative risk of death was 1.80 (95% confidence interval [CI] 1.18-2.74; p = 0.007) in the EZ-HT group and 1.51 (0.97-2.34; p = 0.07) in the SW-HT group compared with the standard group. The three vaccine groups were comparable as regards various social, family, and health characteristics, and there was no difference in mortality between children who received the standard vaccine and those who were eligible for the trial but did not take part for various reasons. The higher risk of death in the two high-titre vaccine groups remained significant in multivariate analyses. These findings suggest a need to reconsider the use of high-titre measles vaccines early in life in less developed countries.
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The combined analysis showed a decreased survival related to high titre measles vaccine compared with standard titre vaccines, though solely among females. As a result of these studies from West Africa and a study from Haiti, WHO has recommended that high titre measles vaccine no longer be used
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Abstract: Histories obtained in 350 of 375 clinically confirmed cases of SSPE reported to a national registry showed that 292 patients had measles and 58 had no history of measles. Forty of the latter patients received live, attenuated measles virus vaccine. In patients with a history of measles, measles illness occurred before age 2 years in 46%, and a mean of 7.0 years before onset of SSPE. In contrast, there was no relationship of SSPE with age at vaccination in 35 of 40 patients historically associated with measles vaccine and SSPE occurred a mean of 3.3 years after vaccination. Based on estimated national measles morbidity data and national measles vaccine distribution data, the risk of SSPE following measles vaccination (0.5 to 1.1 cases/106) appears to be less than the risk following measles (5.2 to 9.7 cases/106 ). Because live measles vaccine is highly effective in preventing measles illness and a high proportion of children in the US have received measles vaccine, these data are consistent with the observed downward trend in SSPE incidence since 1969.

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