MMR vaccine horror story (feb 2002)


Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 09:42:34 EST
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      My darling grandchild was given the MMR shot, 10 days later developed
a rash. Both myself and paternal grandmother have nursing education. Each
had 6 and 7 children. Recognized measle rash. Child rushed to pediatrician
[then chief of staff at Primary Childrens] He said " can't be measles, has
had the shot so we will call it roseola". Never--not ever mentioned VAERS
even tho the National Vaccine Compensastion Act had been law for 6 years.
Also the cheif of pediatrics at U of U [ who diagnosed the autism ]  never
mentioned VAERS, or our right of compensation. WE went to several other
doctors, including three neurologists also at Primary Children's---not one
would even admit vaccine could be involved, even tho we had taken in
vaccine research documents. Instead called in a psychiatrist who threatened
he could take my grandchild away if we did not take his prescription for
Haldol. We took prescription--took it to a Smith Food King Pharmacy who
refused to fill it. He called neurologist, was told to change to prozac.
Pharmacist refused to fill any prescription doctor requested of the mental
health drugs for a 5 year old, saying none "are licensed for usage under
age of 12." Consequently we never filled that prescription and learned then
that there is a difference of opinion as to safety, advisability of these
products. Thank God for an older and wiser and courageous pharmicist.

Sharleen Bown, grandmother of a darling vaccine caused autistic. [ we now
have medical records of rubella titre levels in entire family, measle virus
in child, encephalitus damage from vaccine in brain, etc.] 

>From To:
What Sharleen forgot to mention, was that she finally filed a VAERS
report as a grandma, and sent it directly to VAERS.  It was the first
VAERS report sent from the state, in the history of Utah.  The health
department called her and threatened her, asking her to recount their
story, and that they were upset that she reported without going through
them first. 

Apparently, whenever the doctors would report an adverse event to the
health dept, they would quelch it, so no adverse event from Utah would be
reported.  The doctors were either too lazy or defensive of the vaccine
program to file a personal report to VAERS.

I was hoping she would tell the whole heart wrenching story.  It's quite
a terrible one.  Their granddaughter is now 12 years old,
institutionalized, and has been raped by the male staff.  They had to
give her a hysterectomy.

Julie Duffield
UVAC and Unlocking Autism
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