The dirty needle scam

Douglas Bishop - May 2, 2003 7:38 pm

From Jon Rappoport's


May 2. This is big.

For decades, we have been hearing horror stories about the huge spread of disease in the Third World through the use of unsterile needles.

Medical injections of drugs and vaccines---re-using the same needle over and over on hundreds and even thousands of patients.

In the past, I have mentioned that, if global health agencies wanted to end this situation, they could surely do so in a matter of weeks, because syringes are cheap and plentiful and easy to ship. Agencies like WHO could not only do it now, they could have done it at any point in the last 40 years.

Well, I've just come across a study on the issue. Lancet, December 8, 2001; 358: pp. 1989-92. The author is Ernest Drucker.

"During 1950-60, steriliseable glass and metal units were largely replaced by these disposable syringes. New, high volume manufacturing technologies for this plastic injection equipment were developed and production soared. Prices fell noticeably, and availability increased massively wordldwide, with global production increasing 100-fold to 1 billion units [syringes] per year in 1960.

"This increase was coupled with a 56-fold decline in price to $0.18 per unit...Today [2001], a small factory with six workers can make 100 million sets [syringes] per year at a cost of about US 1-5 cents [per syringe]."

Once again, we come to the crossroad of blunder and stupidity versus THE INTENT TO HARM.

As I have pointed out many times, the public shrinks away from believing that these medical agencies, headed by WHO, could be advancing an agenda of destruction.

Of course, the rank and file employees of WHO are just doing what they're told, are just wallowing in denial. But somewhere up the ladder of power, there are people who are very lucid about all this.

They do nothing to remedy death and destruction. They watch it play out.

And if want further evidence, here is another quote from the same Tucker paper:

"Although there is greater awareness of this problem [of disease spreading through re-used needles] today [2001]---e.g., the work of the Safe Injecting Global Network---as recently as 1998 WHO still recommended re-use of syringes up to 200 times in vaccination programmes, relying on sterilization routines that WHO's own studies show are usually not followed."

Get the picture?

A moron whose brain has been lifted right out of his head could piece this whole depopulation operation together. Since 1960, there have been more plastic syringes available than anyone could need. And yet, for the decades since then, WHO has done NOTHING to stop the spread of vicious diseases that result from the mass re-use of dirty needles.

As for the scope of disease spread through this mad method, there have been estimates as high as 1.5 million people per year and various disease names. No one really knows the count. But you can ask any heroin junky. If you re-use and share needles, you're begging for liver damage.

I have to include an addendum to this story. There is a good chance that fewer doctors in, say, Africa, than supposed are actually re-using the same needle hundreds of times. Again, no one is counting. But when vaccines and injected medical drugs are themselves causing all sorts of hidden disease and damage---not from the needles---organizations like WHO need a cover story. And dirty needles is a great one. "Oh, it wasn't the vaccine. It was the re-used needle."

Yet another reason not to ship in half a billion needles to Africa next week. It would ruin the cover story.

You now have yet another reason to re-think all the propaganda about wild and unknown diseases coming at the West from the heart of the African jungle and the South American rainforests. See, if you use the same needle over and over again on people, you are actually concocting disease and amplifying it. And when the vaccines themselves contain toxic material, you are again concocting disease.

So, for example, when I wrote that Hong Kong health officials admitted that one quarter of all the SARS cases in that area came from the Amoy Gardens apartments---where sewage pipes were leaking huge amounts of diarrheal feces into all the apartments---you have to ask yourself, was some of that material in the feces ultimately derived from toxic material contained in vaccines?

And when you hear about, say, drinking water in Kampala, Uganda, coming directly from untreated sewage, you have to ask yourself, was some of the material in that sewage actually amplified disease that resulted from re-used needles?

It's a killer. A double killer. 1) Vaccines that contain toxic metals and pathogens. The pathogens pass through the bodies of injected people, people whose immune systems are already compromised. So these pathogens can become stronger in that body environment---especially since they were INJECTED and thereore bypassed all the usual body defenses. 2) And re-used needles---a perfect disease-amplification system.

Two killing machines.