Nurses on vaccines

Peer Reviewed Study: Why are Nurses becoming Anti-vaccinists?

2012 March

Background: Background: In most countries rates of immunizations of health care workers with recommended vaccines
are not satisfactory. Objectives: To identify reasons behind the low rates of compliance of Israeli nurses in Mother and Child
Healthcare Centers (MCHC) with an official request for pertussis vaccination. Methods: Three focus groups were conducted. Qualitative analysis identified themes that could explain the nurses’ non-compliance. Results: Trust in health authorities was low, mainly following the A/H1N1 purported influenza pandemic. In addition, nurses did not see the importance of being role models for the public and demanded the autonomy to decide whether to receive vaccinations. The nurses differentiated between their role asnurses and their personal life, expressed fear of new vaccines and exhibited low levels of risk perception. Misconceptions regarding vaccinations were expressed by the nurses. Conclusions: Antivaccinationist ideas were expressed by MCHC nurses and these attitudes may have led to non-compliance with vaccination guidelines.  Read study…