Professor Donald W. Scott, M.A. M.Sc

[2001] MYCOPLASMA The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases----Donald W. Scott MA, MSc. 2001


Role of bioengineering in CFS, GWS & AIDS--Dr Mazlen

Biological Warfare Weapons Development and Testing: A Chronology by Donald C. Scott

Donald Scott is the President of The Common Cause Foundation in Ontario, Canada.

He earned the following academic credentials: BA from University of Toronto - 1952; MA from Laurentian University - 1973; M.Sc. from Guelph University - 1976.

He taught at the high school and university levels from 1957 until 1982, when he retired from teaching. Elected Commissioner of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan 1971 - 1976.

Elected Governor, Ontario Teachers’ Federation, 1976 - 1978.

Founder and President of Ontario Teachers’ Retirement Villages, 1978 - 1982.

In 1995, he began fulltime study of the scientific basis of neuro/systemic degenerative diseases.

In collaboration with William Scott, he wrote The Extremely Unfortunately Skull Valley Incident (1996) and The Brucellosis Triangle (1998) published by Chelmsford Publishing.

In August 1998, he began building the executive structure for the not-for-profit Common Cause Foundation. Now CCF has divisions in New York State, Maryland, Massachusetts, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba Provinces,as well as other executive positions including Environmental, Multiple Sclerosis, Medical Professionals and Gulf War Illness Concerns.

Mr. Scott is also the Adjunct Professor of The Institute for Molecular Medicine, Huntington Beach, California.

Mr. Scott is also currently involved in intervenor status in the class action lawsuit of Graves vs. William Cohen, DOD. The suit, filed on September 28, 1998, alleges that the U.S. Department of Defense was involved in the "creation, production and proliferaiton of the AIDS virus".

The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Gulf War Illness and American Biological Warfare. by Donald W. Scott, MA., M.Sc and William L. C. Scott (Hons.) BA

In this fact-packed study of American biological weapons development from 1945, when the US hired Gen. Ishii Shiro, who had headed Japan's ghastly tests of new biological agents upon Allied prisoners of war, until the 1991 Iraqi scud attacks on the forces of Desert Storm, the authors trace the evolution of CFS, AIDS, and GWS. Using US Government documents accessed under Freedom of Information legislation, they demonstrate that all of these emerging illnesses had their origins in US military laboratories.

Actual Government records are reproduced that reveal plans made in 1969 to create a "new synthetic virus, one which does not naturally exist, and for which no immunity could have been acquired." Other documents reveal that between 1985 and 1989, while publicly labeling Saddam Hussein an evil monster, the United States was secretly selling Iraq hundreds of deadly biological weapons, some of which Hussein employed against the Allied ground attack and stopped that attack dead in its tracks after just 100 hours.

A four page Foreword by Dr. Garth Nicolson, one of the world's top microbiological medical researchers, validates the research. Conclusions presented by the authors demonstrate how certain pathogens proved much more contagious than anticipated and have destroyed the health and lives of millions of victims.

The Brucellosis Triangle by Donald W. Scott, MA., M.Sc and William L. C. Scott (Hons.) BA

The neurodegenerative and systemic degenerative diseases, including CFIDS, ME/FM, MS,Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Huntington’s, Crohn’s-Colitis, Diabetes (type1) and others. Where they come from, why they are increasing in incidence. (1998)

The authors have tracked these diseases from the early 1940’s to the present, and demonstrate that these diseases will probably constitute the greatest medical challenge of the next millennium.

In The Brucellosis Triangle the authors, supported by extensive (and often startling) supporting documentation, much from government documents not previously available to the public, demonstrate that the fundamental pathogenic component giving rise to the neurodegenerative, systemic-degenerative diseases are the brucellla species: melitensis, abortus and suis. Brucella infection affect all the major body systems: neurologic, cardio-vascular; musculo-skeletal; digestive; genito-urinary and pulmonary.

In the early 1940’s researchers developed the technical capacity to isolate the bacterial toxin from the brucella bacteria and to reduce it to a crystalline form. Thus, they had the disease agent without the original bacteria and in an extremely virulent form. This crystalline bacterial toxin was capable of diffusion by primary aerosol and by insect vector. The pathogen was tested in Britain, the US, Iceland and Australia, producing outbreaks of “mystery” diseases variously labels “Neuromyasthemia”, “Iceland Disease”, “Royal Free Disease”, and others. The tests in the US were conducted by the CIA/Military under the supervision of the NIH and the CDC. Thus, these agencies had a most compelling reason for obscuring the historic record.

The book goes on to describe the experimentation which would lead to testing the pathogen in different areas of Canada and the US on unsuspecting citizens. The resultant new infective sub-viral organism was refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes since “no natural immunity could have been acquired”. The diseases are contagious but will only manifest as active diseases if the recipient is genetically pre-disposed, has a compromised immune system, and if there is some triggering trauma.