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Ichazo Ichazo
Passions Chief features Pride Virtues

Ego fixations

Holy Ideas
1 The Perfectionist Angry Virtue Anger 7 4 Perfectionism I am hard-working Serenity Resentment Holy Perfection
2 The Giver Egocentric Generosity Pride 4 8 False love I am helpful Humility Flattery Holy Will, Holy Freedom
3 The Performer Success through Appearances Deceit 6 9 Deception I am successful Truthfulness Vanity Holy Law, Holy Hope
4 The Romantic/Tragic romantic Seeking Happiness through Pain Envy 1 2 Dissatisfaction I am unique Equanimity Melancholy Holy Origin
5 The Observer Seeking Wholeness through Isolation Avarice 8 7 Detachment I am knowing Nonattachment Stinginess Holy, Omniscience, Holy Transparency
6 The Trooper The Persecuted Persecutor Fear 9 3 Accusation I am loyal Courage Cowardice Holy Faith
7 Epicure Opportunistic Idealism Gluttony 5 1 Fraudulence I am nice Sobriety Planning Holy Wisdom, Holy Plan
8 The Boss Coming on Strong Lust 2 5 Punitiveness I am powerful Innocence Vengeance Holy Truth
9 The Mediator "Going with the Stream" Sloth 3 6 Self-forgetting I am OK Indolence Holy Love


Basic fear Basic Desires Enneagram of Sense of Self Enneagram of Characteristic Temptations Addiction/Traps

Prefered modes of behaviour


1 Of being bad, Corrupt, or Defective To be good, in Balance, to Have Integrity I Am Reasonable Personally Obligated Perfection Agressive GUT/Instinctive centre
2 Of being Unworthy of Being loved To Feel Loved for One’s Self I Am Loving People-Pleasing Service Acceptance/Go towards HEART/Feeling centre
3 Of Being Worthless without value To Feel Valuable and Worthwhile I Am Outstanding Highly Driven to Excel Efficiency Agressive HEART/Feeling centre
4 Of Being without Identity, Personal Significance To Find and Express Identity and Personal Significance I Am Unique Given to Fantasy and Mood Elitism Defensive/Withdrawing HEART/Feeling centre
5 Of Being Useless, Incompetent, Incapable To Be Capable and Competent I Am Perceptive Conceptual and Removed from Immediacy Knowledge Defensive/Withdrawing HEAD/Thinking centre
6 Of Being without Support or Guidance To Find Support and Guidance I Am Reliable Invested in External Sources of Security Security Acceptance/Go towards HEAD/Thinking centre
7 Of Being Deprived, Trapped in Pain To Be Satisfied and Fulfilled I Am Enthusiastic

Mentally Restless and Acquisitive

Idealism Acceptance/Go towards HEAD/Thinking centre
8 Of Being Controlled or Violated To Protect One’s Self I Am Strong Highly Pragmatic and Self-Sufficient Vengeance/Arrogance/Justice Agressive GUT/Instinctive centre
9 Of Loss and Separation To Have Peace of Mind, Wholeness To Have Peace of Mind, Wholeness Highly Accommodating Indecision/Self-abasement Defensive/Withdrawing GUT/Instinctive centre