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[Vaccine autism]Seth Mnookin, Author of The Panic Virus:  There is data from millions and millions of children around the world and it all comes back showing the same thing, that there is zero association.  It doesn’t matter how many vaccines you get, it doesn’t matter when you get them, there is just no correlation whatsoever.

[2012 May] Seth Mnookin is a Journalistic Carpetbagger Who Should Shut The Hell Up  Seth Mnookin is a guy that pretends to be a journalist, and writes hit pieces that encourage people to neglect the medical needs of children with autism.  He is now attacking Autism One, about which he knows neither Jack nor Squat. .....Seth you are a coward and a child and your shallow, crap "reporting" on the autism epidemic just adds to the damage that your predecessors have piled up.  Find a new hobby.

Embarrassing Silence from Unprofessional “Panic Virus” Author & Journalist – Seth Mnookin

[2011 April] Dr David Gorski Spewing Anti-Vaccine-Safety Bile - Threatening Childrens' Health & Safety

[2011] The Panic Virus. A True Story of Medicine, Science By Seth Mnookin