Swine flu vaccine 2009  Narcolepsy

Swine Flu Vaccine Changed Jenna’s Life for Worse



Jenna Haide who lives in Clonmore South, near Cahir, Co Tipperary was given the swine flu vaccine two years ago to save her life, but it seems that fate has taken a peculiar turn in her life. What was seen as a life safer has indeed turned out to be a life changer. Now, she is a totally different child, as termed by her parents, as compared to two years ago.

A year after she got her vaccine, she started to fall asleep at her desk at junior infant, twice or three times a day. This was very peculiar because her school day was just four hours long. Over the time, she has become much more different as she used to be. According to her dad, Mark, she sometimes goes into deep sleep and wakes up with hallucinations two or three times a night. She also suffers from an added complication of cataplexy, in which her tongue hangs out and eyes are droopy.

She is not the only one, and according to a report published by the Department of Health, there are 28 Irish children and adolescents like Jenna who have developed narcolepsy following the vaccination of swine Flu from 2009 onwards. The officials also claim that this number could go even further up as all the cases have not yet been confirmed. A study also stated that youngsters who received the swine flu vaccine were at a 13-fold increased risk of developing the sleeping disorder. In this disorder, the sleep/wake regulating system in the brain malfunctions, which is why a person undergoes irregular sleep patterns.

The authorities have now assured all the parents and families that adequate support would be provided to them and proposals would be made to make sure that all educational and health needs of the children are fulfilled.