Triton X-100 (octoxynol-10)

[Triton X-100 is a commonly used detergent in laboratories.]

Membrane Attack Complex Injected detergents trespass on an immune process that holds life and death control over cells  According to GlaxoSmithKline a 0.5 ml dose of Fluarix may contain up to 0.085 mg of Triton X-100.  .....That's 200 thousand trillion molecules of Triton X-100 injected in a dose. That's an opportunity for trillions of self-cells to be injured or killed by the detergent, resulting in symptoms and diseases in line with what is described above. Exposure is likely to be similar with other vaccines containing detergents. ....Does it really make sense to knowingly inject these chemicals into pregnant women, babies, children, the immune compromised, the elderly --- or anyone else?

[2009 pdf] Fluarix FLUARIX is formulated without preservatives. FLUARIX does not contain thimerosal. Each 0.5-mL dose also contains octoxynol-10 (TRITON® X-100) ≤0.085 mg, α-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate ≤0.1 mg, and polysorbate 80 (Tween 80) ≤0.415 mg. Each dose may also contain residual amounts of hydrocortisone ≤0.0016 mcg, gentamicin sulfate ≤0.15 mcg, ovalbumin ≤0.05 mcg, formaldehyde ≤5 mcg, and sodium deoxycholate ≤50 mcg from the manufacturing process.