Homeopathy quotes

"Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine."-----Dr. Charles Menninger M.D., Founder Menninger Clinic

HOMEOPATHY AND LYME DISEASE  “Please consider putting in a plug for the homeopathic remedy, Ledum. Ledum in the 1M potency is almost a specific for Lyme disease. I use it in my own practice and have several cures of Lyme disease with it. (I am a homeopath.)  “Regards, “R. F., M.D.”  http://www.doctoryourself.com/lyme.html  Dr. R. F. (definitely not his real initials) is yet another natural-minded physician who is likely to lose his medical license if State “health” authorities find out that he’s successfully treating inflammation without antibiotic drugs. Do not be fooled: the well-entrenched politically powerful pharmaceutical cartel is STILL trying to squash alternative health care wherever it can. The way out is for you to search and see for yourself

"Let me explain why I am opposed to vaccination and why I have had none of my four children immunised for anything, all of whom are healthy.......My objections are that it does not work; it is unnatural, that the human race has survived healthily for countless generations without them and that homeopathy provides a better alternative that is both safe and effectiveYet, I am not typical because many of those who oppose vaccination know nothing about homeopathy, and as you say, they object for political or religious reasons, that lie beyond the scope of medical practice. However, once you use homeopathy and can rely on it, as I have done for over twenty years, then one can see the dangers and pitfalls of vaccination as another Russian roulette game not worth the risk.....Doctors essentially believe the pro-vaccine propaganda and just keep repeating it like a mantra without looking at the facts. It is like a form of voluntary brainwashing. In truth, every major infection for which vaccines exist was originally in massive decline before a single vaccine was introduced. This certainly applies to Diphtheria, Tuberculosis, Whooping Cough and Measles." [eLetters 2000 CMA] Vaccination: the wider picture? In response to: Vaccination: refuting the refusals  by Peter Morrell

"Not one case receiving homeopathic care died, while the "old school" doctors lost twenty percent of their (smallpox) cases.....I gave about three hundred internal vaccinations, five to adults acting as practical nurses; to the man who installed the telephone and lights in the pest-house; to mothers who slept with their children while they had smallpox in its severest form. All of these people, exposed daily, were immune."--W. L. Bonnell, MD

One physician in a Pittsburgh hospital asked a nurse if she knew anything better than what he was doing, because he was losing many cases.  "Yes, Doctor, stop aspirin and go down to a homeopathic pharmacy, and get homeopathic remedies." The Doctor replied: "But that is homeopathy." "I know it, but the homeopathic doctors for whom I have nursed have not lost a single case."--W.  F.  Edmundson, MD, Pittsburgh. Treatment of epidemics with Homeopathy by Julian Winston

"In the records of three years of Diphtheria in Broome County, NY from 1862 to 1864, there was a report of an 83.6% mortality rate among the allopaths and a 16.4% mortality rate among the Homeopaths.  (Bradford)."---Julian Winston

"When the (1813 typhus) epidemic came through Leipzig as the army pulled back from the east, Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, was able to treat 180 cases of Typhus-- losing but two.  This, at a time when the conventional treatments were having a mortality rate of over 30%....When Cholera finally struck Europe in 1831 the mortality rate (under conventional treatment) was between 40% (Imperial Council of Russia)to 80% (Osler's Practice of Medicine).  Out of five people who contracted Cholera, two to four of them died under regular treatment.Dr.  Quin, in London, reported the mortality in the ten homeopathic hospitals in 1831-32 as 9%....  In 1854 a Cholera Epidemic struck London.  This was a historically important epidemic in that it was the first time the medical community was able to trace the outbreak to a source (a public water pump), and when the pump was closed, the epidemic soon ceased. The House of Commons asked for a report about the various methods of treating the epidemic.  When the report was issued, the homeopathic figures were not included.  The House of Lords asked for an explanation, and it was admitted that if the homeopathic figures were to be included in the report, it would "skew the results." The suppressed report revealed that under allopathic care the mortality was 59.2% while under homeopathic care the mortality was only 9%."--Julian Winston

"During the 1850s, there were several epidemics of Yellow Fever in the southern states.  This disease was eventually found to be transmitted by mosquito.   Osler, says that the allopathic mortality from Yellow Fever is between 15-85%.   Holcome, a homeopath, reported in 1853 a mortality of 6.43% in Natchez, and Dr. Davis, another homeopath in Natchez, reported 5.73%.  In 1878 the mortality in New Orleans was 50% under allopathic care, and 5.6% (in 1,945 cases in the same epidemic) with homeopathic care."---Julian Winston

"The Journal of the American Institute for Homeopathy, May, 1921, had a long article about the use of homeopathy in the flu epidemic.  Dr.  T A McCann, from Dayton, Ohio reported that 24,000 cases of flu treated allopathically had a mortality rate of 28.2% while 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of 1.05%.  This last figure was supported by Dean W.A. Pearson of Philadelphia (Hahnemann College) who collected 26,795 cases of flu treated with homeopathy with the above result..... Dr.  Herbert A.  Roberts from Derby, CT, said that 30 physicians in Connecticut responded to his request for data.  They reported 6,602 cases with 55 deaths, which is less than 1%.  Dr.  Roberts was working as a physician on a troop ship during WWI. He had 81 cases of flu on the way over to Europe.   He reported, "All recovered and were landed. Every man received homeopathic treatment. One ship lost 31 on the way."---Julian Winston

"What appears to emerge from the study is: a)  Nosodes can effectively stop, in its tracks, an outbreak of a highly transmissible disease (viz kennel cough).   b) That it does so, in this case, more effectively than the presently available vaccines.  c)  That vaccination impairs the ability of the animal to respond to the nosode."--Christoper Day, MA, Vet.M.B., M.R.C.VS. Vet.F.F.Hom (What Vets Don't Tell you about Vaccination, p 238 by Catherine O'Driscol)

"John Saxton MRCVS VetMFHom presented a paper in 1991 describing the use of the canine distemper nosode in disease control...The results showed that, of dogs kept in the kennes for 8 days, 11.67% showed clinical signs of distemper on the 5th day prior to the introduction of nosodes, dropping to 4.36% after the nosodes were introduced.   Where the entire kennel population was taken into account...the incidence of distemper dropped from 8.05% to 2.81% afetr the introduction of nosodes."---(What Vets Don't Tell you about Vaccination, p 240 by Catherine O'Driscol)

"Homeopathy .... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science."
Mahatama Gandhi

“effective natural remedies that have no side effects"
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.
Professor U. of Illinois Medical School and best-selling author

"Homeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years."----Yehudi Menuhin, World famous violinist

"The introduction of homeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of allopaths (the orthodox physicians to destroy it."----Mark Twain

“There have been two great revelations in my life: The first was bepop, the second was homeopathy.”----Dizzy Gillespie, great jazz musician

Jane Silbert In 1979 I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia. This is a condition where your body kills off platelets and you become a "bleeder". I was bruising badly, getting daily nose bleeds, bleeding for 3 weeks with my period and generally in a weak state. I was put on steroids and took them for 18 months. Horrible experience! I was told I would have to have my spleen removed. If the platelet count goes down past a certain level your internal organs can hemorrhage and you die.Mine was very low.. To complicate things, I was pregnant. My baby was 7 weeks premature due to the placenta packing up and I was told the steroids might be a danger to the foetus, causing a cleft palate or hair lip but that there was no alternative. Luckily neither of these things happened. A friend pointed me in the direction of a homeopath and in desperation I thought I'd give it a go. I saw him about once a month for 18 months. What he did was a miracle. He said he couldn't cure the condition but would get my body to include it. This is exactly what happened and now, 37 years later, I still have the condition but the effect is minimal. I have a blood test every few months and things are normally stable. Homeopathy doesn't work for everything but in this particular case, it saved my life.

Rajaram Roy I have every belief in Homeopathic treatment. My daughter (20 Yrs.) was diagnosed with large cyst in right ovary in 2014 and Gynecologist advised immediate laparoscopic removal. We were all tensed & frustrated and consulted with our Dr. Prabir Chakraborty for Homeopathic treatment. Only under his able treatment & guidance the recent ultrasonography report shows that the size of cyst has decreased. It’s a miracle results. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Prabir Chakraborty and to also the Homeopathy