5-month-old boy dies hours after vaccination

Vasanthakumari holds on to her dead son’s fingers at her house in Gandhinagar near ICF, in Chennai on Thursday./Shiba prasad sahu
19 Sep 2008 03:06:00 AM IST

CHENNAI: A five-month-old boy died within a day of being administered Hepatitis B, DPT vaccines and polio drops.

Suriya’s parents suspect that a mix up of vaccines at the Corporation’s primary health centre (PHC) in Ayyanavaram is to blame for his death. However, the alleged negligence may go unpunished because they have not lodged a complaint with the police to avoid a post-mortem.

Suriya’s mother Vasanthakumari said he was playing in her lap when the doctors vaccinated him around 11.30 am on Wednesday. “Within an hour of reaching home, the baby developed fever.We thought it was normal,” she said. The child’s condition deteriorated when Vasanthakumari gave him a tablet that she got from the PHC to administer in case of fever.

“The fever did not subside. He also developed dysentery and by 9 pm he almost collapsed.We rushed him to a private hospital, but were told to go to the Kilpauk Medical College Hospital.

Around 10.30 pm, when we reached KMCH, the doctors said there was no hope. Then we took him to the Institute of Child Health in Egmore, where the doctors declared that he was brought dead,” Suriya’s father, Rajesh Kannan said.

“When the doctors asked us to go for a post-mortem, we did not have the heart to let it be done on a five-month-old child,” said the parents.

The doctors of the health centre said they had administered the vaccine to 30 babies, but no other child had developed any complication.

Mayor M Subramaniam told Express that a vigilance inquiry had been ordered into the incident and action would be taken on the basis of the findings.



This is the shameful reality of our healthcare system. This holds true not only in India but all over the world. Small babies as young as a day-old are injected with vaccines with little regard to their frail bodies and growing immune system. I guess most of the parents don't even know what the obnoxious ingredients are in these vaccines and how useless they are. Why does a newborn need a Hep B shot? How many know that the current BCG vaccine is a total dud and there are studies after studies which prove it is useless? If only more care is given in providing good nutrition, clean water, sunlight etc these kids would be so much more healthier and happier instead of getting caught with ADD, ADHD, Autism etc. Every parent out there should start researching more into vaccines before blindly putting their trust in the healthcare system,
By Dee
9/20/2008 12:00:00 AM
"The doctors of the health centre said they had administered the vaccine to 30 babies, but no other child had developed any complication." ---- So... what does this mean? NOTHING ! This child was part of the experiment of vaccines on children and how many their system can take before they die. THIS IS A CRIME , and for some reason related to $$$ it is a LEGAL CRIME that is going on EVERY day in America and other countries under the guise of protecting out children.
By Maggies Mommy
9/20/2008 12:00:00 AM