Acute leukemia started around 1940

“Before 1920, acute leukemia among children was a rare event. A significant peak-age incidence (2-5 years) appeared after 1940. Since then, the incidence rate of childhood leukemia has been more or less remarkably stable. This means that some leukemogenic factor must have been introduced in children’s lives some time around 1940.”

“It is a highly striking coincidence that at the same year the introduction of immunization against diphtheria was began on a national scale.”

— Petar I. Ivanovski, pediatrician
University Childrens Hospital, Belgrade


“I wonder if our friends at the CDC, NIH, WHO etc. have considered adding leukemia in addition to diabetes, Guillian-Barre’, Autism, SIDS, Arthritis, Thrombocytopenia, Encephalitis, Death, SBS, Distressed Breathing, Thimerosal Accumulation in Brain (TAB), delayed speech, tics, seizures, hallucinations, dizziness, Hemorrhagic Vasculomyelinopathy etc. etc. etc. to ‘highly coincidental’ adverse reactions from the long list of mass immunizations.”

“Do you think parents would be informed during their child’s well visit of any of the above?”

“In particular, MMR advice from WHO is to jab unless the child is in serious risk of dying. And the only reason given not to jab in this instance is that the death may “incorrectly” be attributed to the MMR. And we wonder why most all serious adverse vaccine reactions are attributed to ‘coincidence’. As clearly seen in this WHO advice—take great lengths to disclaim any adverse vaccine reaction.”

— L. Travis Haws, Dentist
Lakewood CO 80228


“I draw attention to a letter entitled ‘Immunization and Childhood Leukaemia’ in which it was shown that Leukaemia in children in Brisbane Children’s Hospital from 1958 to 1964 showed a significant statistical association with immunization against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough.”

In view of Dr Ivanovski’s observations that the incidence of childhood leukaemia increased with the introduction of DPT vaccination it is virtually certain that, if investigated, they will find the group with Leukaemia also shows a statistically significant increase in immunization with DPT vaccine.

— Michael Innis, Director Medisets International