The anthrax vaccine poisoners
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Covert genocide

See: Poisoning your own troops

AR 600, PARAGRAPH 5.4 (Involuntary Vaccinations)

I was a junior USAF officer who was forcefully given unexplained inoculations from a self-described "Army doctor" at Dugway, UT in 1981. I was on flying status, and ONLY the USAF Flight Surgeon at Hill AFB, UT, had SOLE authority for my complete medical care; the Army had "NO" responsibility or authority for ANY of my medical care (not even for a hangnail). Yet, I received a telephone call ordering me to appear for an appointment at the Dugway Army Medical Clinic early one morning; upon arriving, I was told that "they," the Army, had reviewed my shot record (something I knew was untrue because, due to my USAF flying status, I kept the only, and original, shot record on my person, something that the USAF Flight Surgeon at Hill AFB DID review with each visit) and determined that I needed more vaccinations (also untrue because, due to my worldwide deployment requirement, I already had been given "everything" and, having just moved twice in the previous year, had had my shot record reviewed and updated each time). After an hour of refusing, but under many threats, including that of a courts martial, but the promise of being given vaccination documentation at a future date (which I never received), I succumbed to the pressure and threats and was given three inoculations, each twenty minutes apart, by a "doctor" and his PA, in a private, closed examination room (other than the room used for vaccinations) with the PA's constant observation. Within weeks, I developed multiple, severe symptoms, very similar to, but more severe than those of Gulf War Illness (GWI), that remain to this day. My identical twin, who was in the USAF but never at Dugway, doesn't have ANY of the tortuous, disabling symptoms that I suffer. Experimental vaccines at Dugway Army Proving Grounds, UT

What I've found REALLY ODD about the anthrax vaccine and the Gulf War enlisted/vets is that a nurse friend of mine was actually taking care of someone in the ICU who had an adverse reaction--cardiac damage. He was 19 years old and they unsure of whether he would live, even with a heart transplant. When I asked her if this was any kind of a scandal in the hospital, she said no, it was just another person she had to take care of. I don't understand why so much of what the current admin does is supposedly to "support the troops" and yet this egregious thing is being done to them ON PURPOSE and not by terrorist, and yet, NO ONE particularly cares, even if it's in front of their faces--i.e., no one was trying to cover up the etiology of this young man's problem in our local hospital. My nurse friend was fully informed it was an adverse reaction to anthrax vaccine... Secret adjuvant in new avian flu vaccine

I had no idea about the military. The military situation in America is a disaster. It is inhumane. It is horrific, barbaric. There are no other words for what is going on in the military. Were seeing damage, after damage, after damage. Young, beautiful kids want to fight for America, unable to get out, being used as human pin cushions. Horrific stories coming from there."  [2016 June] VaXxed Becomes a Cautionary Tale Of Vaccine Injury for All Americans to Hear By Anne Dachel